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Coronavirus exposures at Joensuu Campus Library and Restaurant Kampus Bistro [article]

A person who has tested positive for COVID-19 has been in the facilities of the Joensuu Campus Library on Wednesday, 18 November at 16–17.30. A person who has tester positive for COVID-19 has been in restaurant Kampus Bistro on Wednesday, 18 November at 11–12. Siun sote keeps a list of places where exposure to the […]

Campus happening Campus Crash (Kampusrysäys) will start the academic year of UEF’s new students 5 Sept [article]

The campus happening Campus Crash (Kampusrysäys) will start the academic year of UEF’s new students for the eighth time. The event will be held in Joensuu and Kuopio on Thursday 5.9.2019. The City Orienteering (kaupunkisuunnistus), an event, where students will go around their campus city in groups and complete different kinds of tasks given to […]

UEF campus development webinar on 1 Feb 2022 [article]

Welcome to a webinar focusing on the future development of the university’s campuses, to be held on 1 February 2022 at 13.00–14.00. The University of Eastern Finland has launched a scenario project on campus development, which will create alternative visions of the operating environment all the way to 2035. The first campus development webinar presents […]

Printing, copying, and scanning [page]

Printers that also copy and scan You can print, copy and scan with the multifunctional printers found in Oppari self-study space, libraries and computer lecture rooms. The multifunctional devices are located in Joensuu in Carelia, Agora, Borealis, Educa, Futura, Metria, and Natura campus buildings, and in Kuopio in Oppari in Canthia and Snellmania Library: see […]

An almost normal start to the autumn term at the University of Eastern Finland [article]

The University of Eastern Finland aims to have everything running almost normally when the autumn term starts. At the moment, there is no reason why on-campus teaching should not continue, and teachers can use their own discretion when deciding how to carry out teaching. The progress of the coronavirus vaccination programme is taking us closer […]

Campus Orienteering [page]

Get to know your campus! You can log in to Campus Orienteering from 2 August onwards! Campus Orienteering allows you to explore your campus and the services offered for students before the start of your studies. It is also useful later, because it helps you to find the right location for campus services. Campus Orienteering […]

Closure of restaurants extended to North Karelia and North Savo [article]

The Finnish Government’s decision to close restaurants to customers now applies to North Karelia and North Savo as well, which means that also restaurants operating on the university’s campuses are affected by it.  In accordance with the Government’s decision, restaurants and other food and beverage service businesses will remain closed to customers until 18 April […]