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Students’ mental health week 8.-14.4.2024 [article]

Students’ Mental Health Week is a campaign coordinated by the Student Well-being Network. The campaign is aimed at highlighting the mental health situation of students and building a more mentally healthy study culture. The theme of the campaign week is equality, particularly focusing on social accessibility. Check out event ideas for organizing campaign events (opens […]

Students’ MENTAL HEALTH Day 19.4.2023 [article]

Student Mental Health Day is celebrated every spring. This year, the day is Wednesday, April 19. and the campaign lasts the whole 16th week. Students’ Mental Health Day is a campaign day organised by the Student Wellbeing Network. During the day and campaign related students’ mental health situation is highlighted and everyone is encouraged to […]

Changes to mental health chat services (FSHS) [article]

The extensive mental health chat services introduced by FSHS last year were part of the mental health services enabled by government grant. From 1 July 2022 the SelfChat mental health service line will return to normal service hours, providing assessments of the need for treatment within mental health services on weekdays, Mon–Fri, 9 am to […]

Student’s Mental Health Day 2020 [article]

Students’ Mental Health Day will be held on Thursday 23rd of April. This year, Nyyti ry’s campaign theme is friendship. Friends and social support have an important role in wellbeing, especially during exceptional times. Belonging to  a study community supports students’ mental health and progression of studies. #letsdosomething – together! Further information #Letsdosomethin […]