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New student, welcome to FSHS!

Have you been accepted to a higher education institution in Finland? – Welcome to the FSHS services starting from 1 August.

Are you starting your studies in the fall semester of 2023? As a new degree student in higher education you are welcome to use our services at the FSHS. We are here to support your health and well-being throughout your studies.

The FSHS provides students with support for well-being and health. FSHS services are available to you when you have registered to be present for the autumn semester, which has started on 1.8.2023. Read more (opens in a new tab)!

Check which groups meet at FSHS in fall 2023. During the fall, the FSHS offers various groups related to health and well-being at several service units and online. Read more (opens in a new tab)!

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FSHS Nutrition digital service offers coaching for nutrition

Healthy eating boosts your energy levels and helps you cope with your studies and day-to-day life. That’s why Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) introduces a new digital service called FSHS Nutrition to help you find the healthy eating habits that are right for you. The service offers peer support and well‑being programmes that you can access as and when you like. In addition to finding to up-to-date information, you’ll be able to keep track your own actions, do exercises that support your well‑being and practise forming new habits – all at your own pace.

FSHS Nutrition, designed for mobile devices, is free of charge for students and will be available for the entire duration of your studies. In other words, it’ll be there whenever you need it. The service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Learn more:

Support for studies and well-being during summer

The Finnish Student Health Service operates normally during summertime.

Ohjaamos are one-stop guidance centres that operate in over 70 cities around Finland. You can get support regarding your well-being, studying, employment and housing. Generally, you can walk in without a prior appointment. You can find the contact information of your local Ohjaamo here.

Finnish Employment Services offer free-of-charge career counselling, face-to-face, online and via telephone. You can discuss your career-related thoughts with a psychologist confidentially. Book an appointment here.

Changes to mental health chat services (FSHS)

The extensive mental health chat services introduced by FSHS last year were part of the mental health services enabled by government grant.

From 1 July 2022 the SelfChat mental health service line will return to normal service hours, providing assessments of the need for treatment within mental health services on weekdays, Mon–Fri, 9 am to 11 am. The anonymous MieliChat service will end. Further information.

FSHS services are at your disposal throughout the summer. FSHS’s digital and remote services operate in a normal manner throughout summer. Larger service units in all FSHS service areas are also open throughout summer. Further information.

FSHS/ Lunchtime drop-ins: stress management during lunch breaks

Taking breaks is really important for your energy levels and stress management. Your brain needs moments of rest in the midst of intensive studying.

Do you find it hard taking breaks while studying remotely? Do you often have lunch alone at the computer? Are you constantly stressed? Feel you can’t cope? Attention wandering?

Try it out, join in and get support!

A 30-minute lunchtime drop-in will reconnect you with yourself during your lunch break. You’ll also have a chance to receive peer support for your daily life during the pandemic.

After the exercise, there’s the opportunity to share your thoughts about the session and about your life during the pandemic and get support from other participants and the instructor. You don’t need to have lunch to join in! Please note that lunchtime drop-ins are not therapy groups and are open to anyone interested.

In Finnish, Swedish and Englis – why not attend all of them?

  • In English: 20 April, 27 April, 4 May
  • In Finnish: 2 March, 9 March, 16 March
  • In Swedish: 23 March, 6 April, 13 April

Further Information and links to Teams-meetings.


Healthcare fee for students in higher education starting 1 January 2021

Starting 1 January 2021 the healthcare fee for students in higher education will be paid to Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland). Until 31 December 2020 the healthcare fee has been included in the student union membership fee. You can find information on the healthcare fee for students in higher education on the Kela website (opens in a new tab).

All students who are present and are completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a Finnish institute of higher learning must pay the healthcare fee for students in higher education. Students who go abroad on student exchange and are completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a Finnish institute of higher learning and register as present must also pay the fee.

Exchange students who come to a Finnish institute of higher learning and are not completing a degree at a Finnish institute of higher learning do not pay the fee and cannot use the services of the FSHS (Finnish Student Healthcare Services).

The student union membership fee for the 2020-2021 academic year contained the healthcare fee for only the autumn 2020 semester. If you are registered as present (attending) for the spring 2021 semester, you must pay the healthcare fee to Kela by 31 January 2021. The healthcare fee for the spring 2021 semester is EUR 35.80. You can find the payment instructions on the Kela website (opens in a new tab). Please note that you must pay the fee on your own initiative. Kela will not send you a bill for the fee.

Please find more information on the FSHS website (opens in a new tab) and the frequently asked questions -section on the Kela website (opens in a new tab).

NOTE! The University of Eastern Finland’s registration period for the spring 2021 is now open and ends on 15 January 2021. You can find the registration instructions in Kamu (opens in a new tab).

Several cases of COVID-19 on the Joensuu Campus

Exposed students and teachers will swich to online learning for two weeks, and Sykettä university sports services are discontinued for the remainder of the year in Joensuu
Several cases of COVID-19 have been discovered among students on the Joensuu Campus, and there are also several separate chains of transmission in the city. Students and teachers exposed to the coronavirus have been contacted, and they will switch to online learning for a period of two weeks, until 4 December.

Due to the coronavirus situation, Sykettä university sports services in Joensuu are discontinued for the remainder of the year by a joint decision of the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The discontinuation of the Sykettä university sports services pertains to those activities that require physical attendance, i.e. it is still possible to hold online classes.

Exposure to the coronavirus has been possible on several group exercise classes as well as in restaurants both on campus and in the city. Siun sote keeps a list of places where exposure to the coronavirus has been possible. The list is updated regularly.

An appeal for ISYY’s members: Become a candidate and vote

The sixth elections for the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) Representative Council will be held this fall on both campuses. The elections will not succeed without good candidates and voters. Will you be one of them?

Is it difficult to understand what the Representative Council does?

Put it simply, the Student Union could be seen as a nation where students are its citizens. The citizens (students) elect the Parliament (Representative Council), who then elect the Committees and the Government (Executive Board).

By participating in the Representative Council elections, you can best influence the most important matters during your life as a student and take part in decision-making. Don’t miss your chance, become a candidate even if you didn’t have any previous experience, and vote for a candidate who best represents the matters important to you.

Why should you become a candidate?

You should run as a candidate because as a Rep Council member, you will decide on the future of the Student Union, co-operate with the University, supervise students’ interests and take part in the national student politics. You will also network with other students from different study fields and learn important skills from government and decision-making.

Eligible candidates in the Representative Council elections are members of ISYY who have registered their presence at the university before 3.10.2019. Nomination period of candidates ends on 3.10.2019 at 3 p.m.

You don’t need to have previous experience to become a candidate!

You will find instructions on how to become a candidate and the contact information for candidate lists spokespersons on ISYY’s website.

Why should you vote in the Representative Council elections?

In the previous ISYY elections, the voter turnout was 30,1 %. Let’s make sure that this year it will be at least 35 %!

You should vote in the elections, because that way you get to choose the people who make decisions concerning the Student Union and the services ISYY offers to its members. By voting, you will have a chance to affect your own life at the university directly!

The Council is formed of 39 members who will decide on matters influencing all students, such as the Student Union budget, membership fee, action place and rules.

Voting is easy and quick. All eligible voters will receive a link by email before the pre-elections begin. Voting is conducted electronically via the link. Each person can vote only once and it is not possible to vote by proxy. All members of the Student Union who have registered their presence at the university before 22.10.2019 are eligible voters.

Every vote counts, so use yours!

Elections timetable:

Nomination of candidates ends on 3.10. at 3 p.m.
Advance voting takes place on 29.10–1.11. between 9–00 (night)
The actual voting day is 6.11. between 9–18

More information:

Brenda Nissén, Chairperson of the Central Elections Committee, Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), brendan(at), tel. 040 582 9578

Emma Mertakorpi, Vice Chairperson of the Central Elections Committee, Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), evpj1(at), tel. 040 847 9375

Saara Närä, Secretary of the Central Elections Committee, Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), kv.kuopio(at), tel. 044 576 8413

Read more: For Candidates For Voters
Elections on Facebook

Follow the elections on social media with the hashtag #ISYYelections2019