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Electronic exams: facilities and practices [page]

Access to exam room You can go to the exam room on weekdays during the opening hours of the buildings without an access badge and without visiting Oppari’s sevice desk. NOTE! In the evenings, on weekends and public holidays, you will need either a personal access badge or one time access badge from Oppari to […]

Distance exam and study facilities [page]

You can book a quiet space to participate in a distance exam or teaching Teamwork rooms at Oppari There are teamwork rooms in both Joensuu and Kuopio campus. Those facilities are equipped wih computers and cameras (either fixed or borrowed).  Contact Oppari help desk to book a room.   Video conferencing facilities You can reserve […]

Support Channels for Students [page]

NOTE! During coronavirus pandemia, our services are available mostly online or by phone, customer service hours are restricted. eService website On the eServices website (opens in a new tab), you can request online support for use of different UEF services or report on any disruptions. The use of the e-Services requires a UEF user […]

Self-study facilities [page]

The self-study facilities are available for quiet studying and group work. The university’s guidelines relating to safety and hygiene must be followed in all facilities. Access badge Access to the 24/7 self study facilities is with an access badge only. You can apply the Access badge by using this online form. If you already have […]