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Safety first as universities prepare for student admissions – any entrance exam changes reported by 15 April 2020 [article]

The Finnish universities are following up on the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and are carefully preparing for the practical arrangements of student admissions under these exceptional circumstances. Universities are preparing for different scenarios in close collaboration with Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Agency for Education in compliance with the […]

Safety and security [page]

The crime rate is low in Finland in comparison to most other European countries. Visitors have little need to fear for their personal safety or their property. Nevertheless, reasonable caution with personal belongings is always recommended as a precaution. Incoming international students are reminded to take into consideration that although Finland is a safe, tolerant […]

50-person limit on gatherings lifted, physical distancing and hygiene guidelines must still be followed [article]

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland decided on 17 May 2021 to ease restrictions on gatherings. Public events and general meetings organised indoors and in limited spaces outdoors may have more than 50 people attending, provided that their safety can be ensured. In practice, this means strict adherence to the physical distancing (2 […]

Limit on gathering increases to 50 people on both campuses starting on 3 May 2021 [article]

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland has changed its order given on 19 April 2021, which prohibited gatherings of more than 20 people in the North Karelia and North Savo regions until 22 May 2021. According to the new order, the limit on gatherings is increased to 50 people starting on 3 May […]

Students’ trip resulted in coronavirus infections – the university is taking precautions [article]

A group of international students of the University of Eastern Finland went on a privately organised trip to Saariselkä between 28 February and 4 March 2021. At least 20 of the participants have been since been diagnosed with COVID-19. Neither the University of Eastern Finland nor the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland […]

University of Eastern Finland suspends the arrival of international exchange students for the spring semester [article]

Due to the coronavirus situation, the University of Eastern Finland has decided to suspend the arrival of international exchange students from abroad for the duration of the spring semester. The arrival of international exchange students is suspended until 31 July 2021. The arrival of international exchange students to the University of Eastern Finland was suspended […]

UEF trainee [article]

The University of Eastern Finland, UEF, is one of the largest multidisciplinary universities in Finland. We offer education in nearly one hundred major subjects and are home to approximately 15,500 students and 2,700 members of staff. We operate in Joensuu and Kuopio. In international rankings, we are ranked among the leading universities in the world. We are […]

University of Eastern Finland tightens its recommendation on the use of face masks from 8 October; in-person teaching in the spring semester 2021 will be offered as possible [article]

The University of Eastern Finland responds to the escalation of the COVID-19 situation in its campus cities by recommending the use of face masks in all facilities with several people present, including on lectures. The new recommendation will enter into force on Thursday, 8 October 2020. The university’s earlier recommendation only pertained to situations where […]

Sports Afternoon programme has been canceled for Wednesday, 7 October 2020 [article]

By the decision of the University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Savonia University of Applied Sciences, the Sports Afternoon programme has been canceled on Wednesday, 7 October 2020. The reason for the cancellation is the rapid progression of the corona epidemic and the consequent increase in the risk of infection. An […]

Information for new staff members [page]

If you have been employed as a new member of staff, you will obtain information on employment relationship matters e.g. International staff webpages New employee quick start guide in Heimo (requires UEF login) 10 steps to become UEFian online induction New staff orientation twice a year in autumn and spring If you work in the […]