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New operating models on how to provide early support and act in consequence to inappropriate behavior at UEF [article]

New operating models have been developed to help teachers and other staff members: one for early support when concerns arise about student’s behavior and another to identify and act in consequence to student’s inappropriate behavior. In addition, the previous operating model of inappropriate treatment and harassment in studies will be updated this year. The new […]

Support for difficult situations [page]

Violations against the responsible conduct of research Violations against the responsible conduct of research include research misconduct (fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, misappropriation) and disregard for the responsible conduct of research (e.g. denigrating the role of other researchers in publications, manipulating authorship, self-plagiarism, or careless reporting of research results). If there is reason to suspect a violation […]

Electronic exams: facilities and practices [page]

Access to exam room You can go to the exam room on weekdays during the opening hours of the buildings without an access badge and without visiting Oppari’s sevice desk. NOTE! In the evenings, on weekends and public holidays, you will need either a personal access badge or one time access badge from Oppari to […]

Guidance on research ethics [page]

Responsible conduct of research Responsible conduct of research forms a basis for all research activities. Responsible conduct of research means practicing integrity, meticulousness and accuracy in all phases of research, using ethically sustainable methods that fulfill scientific criteria, as well as respectful and responsible conduct towards other researchers. Responsible data management as well as openness […]

Inappropriate treatment and harassment [page]

The students of the University of Eastern Finland have the right to study in a safe and comfortable environment. All the university’s units must ensure that students do not experience harassment or inappropriate treatment when they participate in education or receive guidance. The university has zero tolerance for any type of inappropriate treatment, bullying and […]