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Electronic exam: instructions for students [page]

Student exam process in exam NOTE! The links take you to national guidelines that do not have the UEF Exam address (opens in a new tab). Check out the Electronic Exam: Facilities and Practices page, which also provides instructions for visiting exams, for example. Check from the Exam/teacher that the exam can be taken through […]

Electronic exams: facilities and practices [page]

Access to exam room You can go to the exam room on weekdays during the opening hours of the buildings without an access badge and without visiting Oppari’s sevice desk. NOTE! In the evenings, on weekends and public holidays, you will need either a personal access badge or one time access badge from Oppari to […]

Download Tuudo, the mobile app for students [page]

You too should download Tuudo now! Tuudo is a mobile app that supports you in your studies. It was first introduced at UEF on 8 November 2017. You can register in Tuudo with your UEF username and password. Tuudo compiles your most often used, study-related services into a portable user interface. The following can be […]

An almost normal start to the autumn term at the University of Eastern Finland [article]

The University of Eastern Finland aims to have everything running almost normally when the autumn term starts. At the moment, there is no reason why on-campus teaching should not continue, and teachers can use their own discretion when deciding how to carry out teaching. The progress of the coronavirus vaccination programme is taking us closer […]

Peppi will replace WebOodi at the end of November 2021: student, get ready now! [article]

Peppi will replace WebOodi at the end of November 2021: student, get ready now! The University of Eastern Finland will introduce a new study information system at the end of 2021, when WebOodi will be replaced by a modern Peppi system. Peppi is a data ecosystem that includes the planning of teaching, the reservation of […]

The service desk of Oppar and the IT service in Joensuu will move to evasive areas [article]

Due to the renovation of the Joensuu campus library, the service desk of Oppari and the IT service will move to the evacuation space Agora AG103 on Mon-Tue 19-20 April 2021. The service counter is closed during the move. The service will be opened at Agora on Wed 21.4.2021. There are computers for students to […]

Student union ISYY´s online event Career Skills Week 13.–16.4.2021 [article]

The event is organised completely online 13.–16.4.2021 and most of the contents can be freely accessed without registration. The recordings of the event may be accessed and viewed for two weeks. There will also be a 1 ECTS optional course about the event, stay tuned for more information! You can find the schedule of the […]

Peppi will replace WebOodi at the end of 2021. How to prepare now? [article]

The University of Eastern Finland will deploy a new student data system in late 2021. WebOodi will be replaced by a modern data ecosystem called Peppi. Peppi is an information system wherein different features are organized into virtual desktops based on user roles. Peppi comprises education planning, facility and resource reservations, and the student and […]

Doctoral education and applying for a study right [page]

Doctoral education The University of Eastern Finland offers high-quality research opportunities after obtaining your Master’s degree, including a doctoral degree. Some fields also offer professional postgraduate degrees, such as the medical physicist’s and chemist’s degrees. The aim of scientific doctoral education is to educate professionals in research who have the capacity to work independently in […]