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Several cases of COVID-19 on the Joensuu Campus [article]

Exposed students and teachers will swich to online learning for two weeks, and Sykettä university sports services are discontinued for the remainder of the year in Joensuu Several cases of COVID-19 have been discovered among students on the Joensuu Campus, and there are also several separate chains of transmission in the city. Students and teachers […]

Study regulations [page]

1 January 2021 I General Section 1. Scope of application of the Study Regulations Under Section 14 of the Universities Act (558/2009), the Board of the University of Eastern Finland has, on 14 December 2020, adopted the following Study Regulations which are applied at the university, alongside the provisions laid down in acts, decrees and […]

Transition period – completing studies [page]

Guidelines on transitional provisions between the old and new curricula Section 4 of the UEF Degree Regulations defines how degree programmes are introduced and discontinued: According to Section 9 of the university rules of procedure, the Faculty Council makes decisions on the introduction and discontinuation of a major subject within the scope of educational responsibility. […]

Insurance cover for students [page]

Health insurance for incoming international students UEF requires that all incoming international students must have a valid personal (travel) insurance policy from an internationally recognized insurance agency for the whole duration of their stay in Finland. Insurance should cover all costs related to a treatment of sudden illness, accidents and accidental death. It is also […]