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Thorium Reader is the new reading application for Ellibs books

For those who use Ellibs on computer, it is now possible to download eBooks to Thorium Reader. Thorium Reader supports the open-source Readium LCP (Licensed Content Protection) protection method for eBooks. Thorium Reader has paid special attention to accessibility. The application has, for example, a built-in read aloud feature for eBooks and extensive options for customizing the reading view.

You will need a personal LCP password to read eBooks in Thorium Reader. You can find the password in ‘My Bookshelf’ when you log in to Ellibs. Thorium Reader will ask for your password the first time you download an e-book file to the reader. Afterwards, the program will only request the password occasionally.

Adobe Digital Editions remains an alternative reader to Thorium Reader on Ellibs for the time being. Ellibs’ own application remains the recommended reader for mobile devices. Most of Ellibs’ books can also be read via a web browser.

Further information on the instructions page of the Ellibs Library.

We are inviting applications for UEF Trainee positions for international degree students (UEF Trainee 2024 -programme)

The aim of UEF Trainee -programme is to enhance employment possibilities of international degree students. In the programme, international degree students have a chance to work at UEF research groups or services, or at placements provided by collaborators for two months. During this period, international degree students will gain work experience in expert tasks and become familiar with Finnish working life and culture.

Take a look of the testimonials of our previous UEF Trainees:
A move from Bangladesh to Eastern Finland led to new professional opportunities
UEF Trainees’ cultural competence supports the internationalisation of a forest sector company

Students will be selected by the provider of the training placement. The selection is based on application documents and a possible interview. The job application is done in UEF electronic application system, where you can apply simultaneously, in the order of your preference, up to three different placements. To be eligible you need to be registered to one of UEF degree programs as an active student during the application period. You are still eligible if you graduate before or during your training period.
Prior experience, previous and current study merits, and communication skills are prioritized. Trainees are expected to possess a positive service attitude, hands-on working manner, good teamwork and organizing skills, readiness to use IT tools and software, and accuracy in given tasks.
Please read the UEF Trainee offers carefully as there can be something for you that you might consider unlikely at first glance. When writing the cover letter (motivation letter), please consider what you have to offer for the employer and what motivates you to apply for this particular position. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the organization and their business by thorough investigation of their web pages.

Training positions in UEF

In UEF the positions will be filled for two full time or four part time (50%) months in 2024 (funding available until the end of 2024). The salary of the position is the minimum salary of Kela’s annual employment condition of €1,331/month (in 2023). Trainees have a chance to work in the UEF University services, independent institutes, faculties, or departments in various administrational, supportive or research positions. Each trainee will have a supervisor for the training period and will learn the tasks at hand along with practical issues of Finnish working life.

Training positions outside UEF

The UEF Trainee programme has gathered a list of selected collaborators who are offering training placements as a part of the programme. UEF will support 2 months or 4 months part time (50%) training positions outside the university in companies and other organizations by providing training vouchers. The prerequisites for the voucher are the minimum salary of Kela’s annual employment condition of €1,331/month (in 2023), and a signed work contract between the employer and trainee stating a commitment to a fixed-term employment relationship for the duration of the internship. The employer can invoice university at the end of the internship by presenting copies of the pay slips and a signed work contract. Note, that these are the minimum requirements for the voucher — the employer may pay more or may offer a longer employment contract than 2 months.

There is quite a balanced distribution of offers both in Joensuu and Kuopio. However, these days many of the expert jobs are done mainly online, and thus, you should not limit your choices to your hometown. Note also that some of the employers may agree that the training is done during your summer break. These, and other matters related to the working time, place, and other working conditions, are something that you need to agree with the employer before signing the work contract.


The electronic application should contain the following appendices:

The application period ends Fri 12.1.2024. The application needs to be submitted no later than 12.1.2024 (by 24.00 hours Finnish time) by using the electronic application form

UEF Trainee -programme is only for international degree students, and thus, students with Finnish citizenship are excluded. Neither can you apply to the programme if you have already been accepted on the programme as a UEF Trainee during previous years. As the programme is only for UEF international degree students, international doctoral researchers are not eligible.

For further information please contact: Coordinator Marko Pietilä, +358 40 3553039,

Placements in Companies and Organizations

Company/Organization: Karelics

Karelics Web pages
Location: Joensuu
Description: Karelics is a robotics software company located in Joensuu. We develop software to enable intelligent autonomous robots in the construction industry. Our ambition is to allow robots to work intelligently and safely with people. …or without people.

We are looking for proactive students and learners eager to start their careers in robotics with an internship in our company during the summer of 2024. You will join the development team of our Karelics Brain product in our office in Joensuu, Finland. The ideal candidate should have some engineering or computer science background, a natural curiosity towards robotics and AI, and a drive for continuous learning! Read more info about the internship.

Company/Organization: Keypro

Keypro web pages
Location: Joensuu
Description: Our Network Information System (NIS) products focus on four network verticals: Telecommunications, Water and Sewage, District Heating, and Street Lighting. Our products are browser-based and provide an end-to-end solution, giving fast, secure, and easy access to the information you and your partners need. Both in the office and in the field. If you are looking for new career opportunities with a real impact on the world? We’re always in search of talents with information technology skills.

Company/Organization: Blancco

Blanccos web pages
Location: Joensuu
Description: Blancco Technology Group is the leading global provider of secure data erasure and mobile lifecycle solutions. Our products are used by industry-leading retail, finance, healthcare, technology, and government organizations worldwide. With 300+ employees across four continents, we work as one global team, appreciating each employee’s unique contributions and life situations as we tackle enterprise-scale challenges. We greatly value the diversity of our teams and understand that, above all else, our people are our greatest assets. We strive to attract, hire, develop and promote talent in a way that welcomes a broad spectrum of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, knowing that cultivating a positive and diverse workforce helps foster creative thinking within the company and innovative solutions for our customers. Join our collaborative, international team of B2B innovators! Blancco is growing, and our sales and marketing, R&D, product management, finance and administration, and technical support teams are always looking for great talent to help our clients and each other succeed.

Company/Organization: RTK-Henkilöstöpalvelu/HR services

HR services web pages
Location: Joensuu
Description: RTK-Henkilöstöpalvelu is specialised in providing companies and communities with human resource services, and matching employees with versatile jobs. Our services include: staff leasing services, comprehensive direct recruitment and headhunting services, suitability assessment to support successful recruitment, recruitment marketing, international recruitment, subcontracting, work analysis, tailored education solutions. Would you like to be a trainee in our international recruitment team?

Company/Organization: Kubios

Kubios web pages
Location: Kuopio
Description: Kubios is a software company developing heart rate variability (HRV) analysis software products with a strong scientific background. HRV is an objective measure of autonomic nervous system function, providing information about physiological stress and recovery. Kubios HRV software products are suitable for scientific research, health and wellbeing assessment, as well as for exercise and sports monitoring.
Kubios is looking for highly motivated interns for a 2-4 months period in 2024 to work on

  1. Product testing and documentation. For this internship, we hope that you have good programming skills (Matlab or Python), good communication skills including basics of scientific writing, and interest towards physiological monitoring.
  2. Digital sales and marketing. For this internship, we hope that you have a good understanding of international business and sales management relating to digital products (software and SaaS), good marketing and communication skills, skills to edit and create digital marketing material, and interest towards health and wellbeing applications.

Company/Organization: Kuopio University Hospital’s Microsurgery Center

Kuopio University Hospitals web pages
Location: Kuopio
Description: Kuopio University Hospital’s Microsurgery Center is a meeting place for students of the latest surgical technologies, researchers and businesses. We are center of excellence in providing surgical training and enable the development of sophisticated surgical technical skills and innovation in the field through close interaction with clinical professionals. Our facilities in the heart of Kuopio University Hospital cover an authentic-looking surgical learning guided by multidisciplinary and multinational team. The Center has been successful collaborative scientific hub to transfer the research ideas into business. Through working in the microsurgery center, you will have great opportunity to meet and expand your network with different scientific, clinical and industrial key persons.

The intern is expected to be involved in one of the following tasks:(the trainee should mark which task is of interest)

  1. Video material and media production, webpage management. During this task the trainee will gain experience in getting to know different kinds of up-to-date medical recording management systems, video editing, media production and webpage management. (we use classic video editing software)
  2. 3D printing: The ongoing innovative projects inside the microsurgery center have demands in the field of 3D printing, the trainee will get experience in 3D printing designs. available software and production. you don’t have to have previous experience)

Company/Organization: Seetrue Technologies — Advanced eye-tracking solutions

Seetrue Technologies web pages
Location: Joensuu
Description: World’s most-advanced robust eye-tracking solutions built on custom sensors and a unique computer vision approach. Our solution is based on a decade of research and experience in computational optics and applied eye-tracking, leading to the most robust eye-tracking ever. Eye-tracking offers detailed insights into the direction of user’s attention and point of gaze. We can build interactive systems that utilize eye-tracking as a passive and active sensor, allowing precise control, user sensing, and prediction of the next targets. Visualization of the gaze in time and space exposes information about interest and knowledge. We are looking for a trainee from Business Studies, Photonics, or IT. The preferred time for the internship would be late spring – early summer.

Company/Organization: KELLUU – The airship company

KELLUUs web pages
Location: Joensuu
Description: Intelligence from the air. KELLUU builds and operates autonomous fleet of airships that provide continuous data of the environment as a service. We are the ideal workplace for self-starters who love to create something new and groundbreaking in an environment where passion, work, and play come together. We work as a team and help each other reach our goals. We enjoy discussing big ideas, but more importantly, we like to put them into practice. Kelluu is looking for young curious and enthusiastic students to help us with our operations. We would like to train students in IT / Geo / Science in airship control and piloting as well as data processing.

Company/Organization: Genelec

Genelecs web pages
Location: Iisalmi / Kuopio
Description: Since the founding of Genelec in 1978, professional audio monitoring has been the core of our business. Our unrivalled commitment to research and development has resulted in a number of industry firsts and established Genelec as the industry leader in active monitors.

Over forty five years later, Genelec monitoring products remain true to our original philosophy, offering reliability, neutral sound reproduction regardless of size, as well as the ability to adapt frequency response to the listening environment.

During the past decade our business has expanded beyond the professional studio monitor segment to selected consumer and AV installation markets. Our products are found in an increasing number of home setups and AV installations, as well as in residential home theatre systems, bringing music and soundtracks as alive as they were when recorded. Although the applications may vary, one thing remains the same: the desire to have the best possible sound reproduction.

We are now seeking new talents with acoustical modelling, AI, signal analysis and SW design and coding skills, and thus, physics students with some relevant background, genuine interest and coding skills are encouraged to apply!

Company/Organization: Metsäpalvelu Turunen / Hovipuu wood-based interior brand

Hovipuu web pages
Location: Joensuu / online / remote
Description: Are you looking for an innovative and sustainability-oriented team and passionate workflow? Do you want to find out what means to create superior customer value, to do sales and market research, and you are not afraid of contacting people? If yes, let us have a chat! We are looking for new talents to join our sales team for international sales and marketing with an opportunity for long-term employment.
Hovipuu is a growing and fresh wood-based interior and outfit design manufacturer and brand in Finland. Currently we are preparing our internationalization, and about to contact international value chain enablers: leading interior architects, premium wholesales companies for wood products, and high-end renovation companies to use our products in practice. Originally our products are planned for The Middle East and European premium decoration markets, and our international brand will be Empress Wood Co.
Our parent company is known as Metsäpalvelu Turunen Oy, and it is family owned, and it offers forestry services and return on investments for forest investors in Finland. The business has been operating since 1995 so our DNA is strong in forestry and wood materials. Our family name Turunen is a forestry brand in Finland, and the company employs seasonally up to 40 people.

Your field of work would be to gather market information from Sweden, to contact potential partners for Empress Wood Co., and to do sales work. It would be great if you speak good Swedish, but we will keep options open for other countries as well. We always listen your preferences when it comes to working, tasks, organizing etc, so no worries. You will be working together with executives and storytelling professionals with an opportunity for remote work and you will have a good guidance from Pauli, co-founder of Hovipuu. At his spare time Pauli hallucinates his PhD at UEF about team building, so hopefully you are not afraid of mind-blowing discussions.

Company/Organization: ARBONAUT OY

ARBONAUT web pages
Location: Joensuu / Helsinki / hybrid
Description: Are you a motivated and solution-oriented forestry/software development student? Would you like to be part in creating continuously better solutions for supporting responsible use of natural resources, especially forests, worldwide? Arbonaut is currently one of the few companies in the world that can provide a full-service system covering every aspect of forest information collection and data management. Our services enable our customers, both private and public organizations on all continents, to have more reliable and accurate data for their decision making. In recent projects, we have implemented various information systems for the distribution and collection of forest data for example in Finland, Zambia, Uganda, and Japan. We currently employ approx. 65 people from almost 20 different countries. Our working environment is international, youthful, and supportive for one’s personal and professional growth. Our offices are located in Joensuu and Helsinki. We are consistently seeking skilled individuals in software development or forestry, as well as soon-to-be graduates, to become part of our team. If you would like to learn more about our operations, please visit Arbonauts web pages!

Placements in UEF

Department or unit: University of Eastern Finland Teacher Training School

Supervisor: Jyrki Korkki, Heli Lepistö
Location: Joensuu
Description: We are looking for an assistant language teacher at Teacher Training School. The trainee will be assisting language teachers in teaching, preparing material and organizing pop-up -activities for pupils of classes 1-9. We expect the candidate to have some experience in foreign language teaching and knowledge about Finnish school environment. The trainee will contribute to enhancing young learners’ global skills and intercultural competence in their daily school life. The trainee will contribute in: a. producing real-life-related, learner-centred activities, b. promoting communication in the target language(s), and c. assisting language teachers in designing versatile personalized language learning environments. The trainee can also assist in education export work in UEF Teacher Training School.

Department or unit: Law School

Research group or subunit: Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL)
Supervisor: Yulia Yameniva /Bradlie Martz-Sigala
Location: Joensuu
Description: 4 month, part-time

  • Supporting research in the CCEEL research group (for example: ad hoc tasks such as searching for specific information and longer tasks such as literature reviews).
  • Supporting administrative CCEEL tasks (such as the CCEEL internal and external newsletter, website management).
  • Supporting practical preparations for upcoming conferences (2).
  • Supporting MDP administration and activities (such as assisting with preparations for new students, social media, meeting notes).
  • Learning university processes through observation and participation in meetings
  • Learning about Finnish working life.

Department or unit: School of Pharmacy

Research group or subunit: Toxicology
Supervisor: Jaana Rysä
Location: Kuopio
Description: The subject and tasks of the training will be tailored according to the skills and interest of the trainee based on the following:

  • Research sample management and updating and developing laboratory protocols.
  • Working in experimental research project of drug metabolism.

Department or unit: Language centre

Supervisor: Lauri Tolkki
Location: Joensuu/Kuopio
Description: The Language Centre is a teaching-oriented service unit of University of Eastern Finland responsible for academic and field-specific language and communication studies on both campuses. In addition, we organize other language and communication training for the academic community, develop teaching and improve opportunities for learning, as well as promote continuous learning. The objective in this traineeship is to provide the trainee an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the various administrative and academic activities of the Language Centre and to provide an opportunity to be a part of our active working community. The traineeship will include tasks in the administration and the language teams. Depending on the skills and background of the trainee, the duties may include for instance: assisting in production of learning materials (e.g. videos and other online material), proofreading, enhancing student communication (esp. international students), online tutoring / support for students. The duration of the traineeship is 4 months (part-time) during spring semester 2024. Dates are negotiable, but the traineeship needs to be completed by the end of June 2024.

Department or unit: Department of Chemistry

Research group or subunit: Physical chemistry research group
Supervisor: Professor Mikko Linnolahti
Location: Joensuu
Description: Management, usage and development of Finnish Grid and Cloud (FGCI) infrastructure with related documentation and reporting

Department or unit: Institute of Biomedicine

Research group or subunit: Computational biomedicine
Supervisor: Prof. Merja Heinäniemi
Location: Kuopio
Description: Cells represent the fundamental unit of life. Within tissues, cells are in constant interaction with their environment. The goal of the Systems Genomics research group, led by Prof. Merja Heinäniemi (computational biomedicine) is to elucidate disease mechanisms that are related to aberrant regulation of cell states. We develop and apply computational models based on systems biology on genome-wide profiles collected from different cell types.

If you are interested in genomics data analysis, bioinformatics tools and machine learning methods, apply for a trainee position with us. Previous courses in this field and R/Python skills will be considered a merit. We will teach you how integrating different types of genomics data or combining datasets across studies helps to elucidate disease mechanisms. We apply them in our own research that currently focuses on large-scale omics datasets collected from bone marrow to understand cell fate regulation in healthy and malignant blood and immune cell types.

Department or unit: UEF Library

Research group or subunit: Kuopio Campus Library
Supervisor: Tuulevi Ovaska
Description: Be a library ambassador!
The UEF library, offers traineeship to one student who is completing an international master’s degree at the University of Eastern Finland. The trainee will be employed for two (2) months (36,25 hours/week) in late spring or early autumn 2024, on Kuopio campus.

Are you …
• Enthusiastic about the library and want to learn more?
• Skilled in creating social media content, graphic design, and videos?
• Comfortable in front of the camera and communicating with different audiences in many ways?
• Interested in planning events and providing guided tours?
• People person who enjoys helping others and collaborating with new people?
• Good in time management, organization, and prioritization skills with the ability to manage work and academic responsibilities?
• Fluent in written and spoken English?

You can expect …
• To increase your understanding about the library and how it supports students.
• To gain hands-on experience in communications, social media, and events.
• To develop key skills for working in a professional setting.
• To work together with dedicated library professionals.

Opportunities may include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Participating in developing and promoting library services for students.
• Creating materials that are aimed at increasing student use of library resources and services.
• Developing and creating diverse social media content, short videos etc.
• Acting as a library blogger/vlogger.
• Providing library tours for various peer groups and representing the library at student events.
• Providing student insight and multicultural perspective and contributing ideas for the design and implementation of the library services.

Department or unit: Development Services

Research group or subunit: UEF research services
Supervisor: Helena Jäntti
Description: UEF research services help staff members of the University of Eastern Finland in the preparation of funding proposals on research and development activities, help and support in the project management and, organize info sessions and training on the acquisition of external funding. We also analyze the success of research funding applications.

We are looking for UEF trainee to do statistical analyses from various data bases containing information on research funding applications and decisions. We expect the trainee to have excellent skills in data analysis by using excel and Power BI. The tasks will include also preparation of Power Point presentations from the analyzed data.

Our team in research services consists of 14 experts in Joensuu and Kuopio. The location of the UEF trainee position is Kuopio. The position has a flexible starting date, but the work should be done before July 2024.

For more information: Research Funding Specialist Helena Jäntti

Department or unit: Development Services

Research group or subunit: UEF International Relations
Supervisor: Riikka Pellinen
Description: Two internship placements in the UEF Development Services, International Relations team. Tasks include working as an communication and event organisation assistant. The events, were assistance is needed are Erasmus Staff Exchange Week on June and a YUFE meeting on January 2025. There will be two half time UEF Trainee positions available, other for February – June (4 months) and other for September – December (4 months). Besides the meeting organisation the tasks will include communication with our international partners, staff and students. Trainees will get professional guidance both from UEF International relations and Communication and Media relations teams. Trainees should have excellent written English skills, good knowledge of computing and use of MS Office tools skills, as well as good ability to communicate with colleagues and team working skills.

Department or unit: School of Educational Sciences and Psychology

Research group or subunit: Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development
Supervisor: Juha Kauppila

The research group of Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development is participating in Talent Hub Eastern Finland project by developing learning material about Career planning, Job seeking and Finnish working life. Our aim is to develop a self-study baggage of online material (MOOC, Massive Open Online Course) for International Talents to help them to build career and life here in Eastern Finland. Would you like to be part of our MOOC development team as a trainee? Depending on your skills and study background you could take part in the assessment of the needs of the talents as well as the employers, preparation of the learning material, doing interviews, video editing, etc.

Department or unit: Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition

Supervisor: Jussi Kauhanen, MD, PhD, MPH, Professor of Public Health; Director, International MPH degree program
Description: Teaching Assistant in Public Health.
The master’s degree program in Public Health (MPH) is one of the most popular international programs in the University of Eastern Finland. On average 15-25 international students successfully graduate annually. Many of them continue into further doctoral studies in the UEF or other academic institutions. The program curriculum, as well as all of its courses, are constantly reviewed and revised based on general development and employment needs in the field, international benchmarking, possibilities provided by modern learning technologies, and the feedback from students, staff, and stakeholders. The ongoing digital transition in higher education poses additional challenges. Thus, there is a constant need for a competent teaching assistant to participate jointly with the staff in both development of the program, and in actual teaching, including helping in online teaching sessions, moderating discussion groups, reviewing assignments, etc. As for requirements, a master’s level student in public health would be an ideal choice for this post (alternatively 2 months full-time, or 4 months half-time)

Library’s Christmas season opening hours

Joensuu and Kuopio Campus Libraries

Year 2023

Mon–Thu 18.–21.12.2023 8am–3pm (Customer service 10am–3pm)
Fri 22.12.2023 8am–1pm (Customer service 10am–1pm)
Sat–Tue 23.–26.12.2023 Closed
Wed–Fri 27.–29.12.2023 8am–3pm (Customer service 10am–3pm)
Sat–Sun 30.–31.12.2023 Closed

Year 2024

Mon 1.1.2024 Closed
Tue–Fri 2.–5.1.2024 8am–3pm (Customer service 10am–3pm)
Sat–Sun 6.–7.1.2024 Closed

The 24/7 self-study facilities

The 24/7 self-study facilities of Campus Libraries are open during the Christmas season. Please keep in mind that for safety reasons, each 24/7 user must enter the space one at a time using their personal access badge.

KUH Medical Library

Mon–Thu 18.–21.12.2023 10am–3pm
Fri–Sun 22.12.2023–7.1.2024 Closed

Student, find power and purpose for your career and register to career planning and job seeking courses for the spring 2023!

UEF student Suvi Leinonen

Are you wondering about your future? Where will I find work? How will I be convincing in the job interview? What can I do with my degree? What are my strengths? Am I in the right field? What should I study as a minor subject? What rights and obligations do I have as an employee?

Students pondering about their future directions or seeking traineeships and employment are troubled by many questions. Nevertheless, don’t worry! Practical guidance, knowledge and support is there for you on the career planning and job seeking courses offered by UEF Career Services.

Sign up for the career planning and job seeking courses in the spring starts 11.12.2023. The first courses begin on 8th January 2024. Find the course details in Peppi!

In the Peppi Study Guide you will find further information about the courses. The courses for the academic year 2023–2024 include the following courses in English and Finnish:

  • Career planning – self-study course, 1 ECTS
  • Career planning – practical exercises, 1 ECTS
  • Job seeking – self-study course, 1 ECTS
  • Job seeking – practical exercises, 1 ECTS
  • Basics of Finnish working life – self-study course, 1 ECTS (only in English)

The courses offered by the UEF Career Services are meant for all students to support and help them during studies and when the move towards working life becomes timely. The courses offer you knowledge, skills, courage and attitude for the future working life. In these courses, you can also clarify your thoughts about your future and career possibilities.

We have received positive feedback about the studies from students. Participants in the career planning self-study course have stated:

  • ”I think the course was good in stirring up thoughts and it helped me analyze my own, sometimes scattered, thoughts about my future career. Although I already had a lot of knowledge about the working life, this course was a good add-on in creating my own career plan.”
  • ”Thanks to the career plan I composed during the course, I now feel more confident about my studies. The course clarified my career aims and I also got a clear picture of what working life skills I already possess and what I should develop further.”

The job-seeking self-study course furnished students with hands-on tools to be used in practice:

  • ”I managed to find new job seeking methods that I can use in the job seeking process. The different channels where jobs can be found were especially useful.”

The basics of Finnish working life self-study course introduces the general outlook of the Finnish working environment with its regulations and habits:

  • “I think this course was good especially for foreign students who would like to find a job from Finland.”

Information about working life and career is collected in the students’ Kamu databank . In Kamu, you will also find other services offered by the Career Services and contact information.

Further information

We can be reached through the email address

Healthcare fee for higher education students: New due dates

Kela’s press release:

Starting 1 January 2024, the due dates for the healthcare fee for higher education students will change, but the fee itself will remain at its current level. Also, degree students from other EU or EEA countries or from Switzerland, Great Britain or Northern Ireland will continue to be exempt from paying the fee.
Parliament has approved an amendment of the Act on Health Services for Students in Higher Education. The due dates for the healthcare fee for higher education students will be moved forward.
Starting from the beginning of 2024, the new due date for the spring term will be 15 March. It applies to students who register as attending by 31 January. The new due date for the autumn term will be 15 November, applicable to students who register as attending by 30 September.
Starting next year, Kela will be able to identify, in advance of each due date, the students who must pay the fee and inform them individually before the fee is due.
The Government has issued a decree under which the healthcare fee and any late fees will remain the same in 2024 as in 2023. The student healthcare fee is 36.80 euros per term and the late fee 5 euros.

Degree students from other EU or EEA countries or from Switzerland, Great Britain or Northern Ireland are exempt from paying the fee
Parliament has also approved a law amendment under which higher education degree students from other EU or EEA countries or from Switzerland, Great Britain or Northern Ireland are exempted from paying the healthcare fee for higher education students. However, this will not result in any change to current practice because Kela has not required the above students to pay the healthcare fee since the spring term of 2022. This is done to comply with the provisions of the EU Regulation on the coordination of social security systems. The amendment will also not take away the students’ right to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service.
The costs of student health services provided to students covered by the social security systems of other EU or EEA countries or of Switzerland, Great Britain or Northern Ireland are invoiced to the state responsible for the costs of their medical care. Because this will impact the overall funding for healthcare services for higher education students, the funding rules have been changed and clarified.
The proposed changes are planned to become effective on 1 January 2024.

Additional information for customers:

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health press release 23 November 2023: Student healthcare fee for higher education students to remain unchanged in 2024 (
Healthcare fee for students in higher education (

Career Monitoring Survey will end on 11th of December!

If you haven’t answered yet to university’s Career Monitoring Survey, please, do it now! Career Monitoring Survey will end on Monday 11th of December.

Career Monitoring Survey is send to all those who have graduated in year 2018 (Master’s degree) or in year 2020 (Doctors’s degree). Survey is national, but each university send’s it to its own alumnis. Please, read more about survey here.

Registration for the Language Centre’s spring courses starts on 1.12.2023!

Register for the Language Centre courses included in your degree in Peppi through your PSP. The best way to see all the future implementations of the course, i.e. the groups, their schedules and additional information, is through the study guide. View the upcoming groups of the course through your degree structure or by using the search.

If several different groups are organised for a course included in your degree, enrol in the group that suits you best. As a rule, places are filled in the order of registration, group size on courses included in the degree max. 25 students.

  • Read the course description and additional implementation information before enrolling. Check the implementation schedule to ensure that the group is suitable for you.
  • Use Peppi, not Tuudo, for registration, so that course-specific information is displayed correctly.
  • Also check out our selection of optional languages, Savonia’s and Karelia’s selection, and the courses in the KiVANET network.

For degree students (Bachelor, Master and Doctoral), we offer degree courses in English and in Finnish as well as optional courses. For exchange students, we offer our beginner’s course Finnish 1A (self-study module), Chinese 1 and Chinese Culture and Social Customs. Exchange students can join other Finnish courses if there are available seats in the group. For all Finnish courses, see here.

Welcome to our courses!