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Registration after being absent for your first year [page]

These instructions pertain to students who have received a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree study right and have registered as absent for their first year of study due to a statutory reason for absence, and are starting their studies, e.g., a year after receiving their study right. Get to know the new students’ materials and take […]

Working, studying and communicable diseases in the university’s facilities [article]

Communicable diseases refer to respiratory infections, various poxes and stomach flu, for example.  You may work on campus only when you are healthy. If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or, for example, stomach flu, stay home. Contact your supervisor or teacher responsible for your course about your absence from work or, if your […]

Are open university courses free of charge for degree students? [page]

The curriculum for degree students at the University of Eastern Finland and the open university students is usually the same. The methods of completing studies, however, may differ among different student groups: some method of completing studies may be limited to degree students only, whereas some method of completion may be designed specifically for open […]

Tips for successful multi-location work at UEF [article]

Both staff and students work remotely and on campus. UEF has made tips for successful multi-location work that can also be utilized in studying. On campus, it is easy to agree on certain ground rules on respecting everyone’s right to a peaceful work environment and general matters that affect atmosphere at work. Multi-location work has introduced […]

Post doctoral party, Karonkka [page]

The post-doctoral party, karonkka, taking place in the evening of the public examination is an old academic tradition. The post-doctoral party is held in the honour of the opponent and you act as the host or hostess of the party. You can decide the venue for the party. Choose a place that fits your budget […]

What to do when a person who has been on campus is diagnosed with COVID-19? [article]

A staff member diagnosed with COVID-19: is ordered into quarantine by the health authorities, notifies his or her immediate supervisor of a possible sick leave and quarantine in accordance with the university’s normal procedure (infectious disease allowance from Kela is applied for for the university, since the employee will be paid salary for the time of […]

Study right for doctoral studies and registration [page]

Study right for doctoral studies When you are granted the right to doctoral studies, instructions for registration and accepting your study place will be enclosed with the decision. The study right will be in force until you graduate, unless you give it up. The renouncement of the right to study Registration in the first academic […]

Registration instructions for new bachelor’s and master’s degree students [page]

These registration instructions are for new bachelor’s and master’s degree students starting their studies at UEF. If you are an exchange student, here you can find the registration instructions for exchange students. The academic year at the University of Eastern Finland officially begins on 1 August and ends on 31 July. The autumn semester courses […]

Annual registration – enrolled degree students [page]

NOTE! Citizens outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland studying in bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes are required to pay tuition. If you are required to pay tuition, you must pay the next instalment of the fee before you can register as present for the 2024-2025 academic year. If you have questions regarding the tuition fee, contact your programme […]