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Peer counsellors have had support discussions with over 150 students – don’t hesitate to reach out! [article]

UEF’s trained peer counsellors sent out a text message and an e-mail at the beginning of February. Peer counsellors have now contacted most students who left a contact request. Discussions have focused a lot on mental health, study-related stress and well-being. The peer counsellors have helped students find further support from within the university as […]

ISYY Representative Council Elections Panel Discussions during the week 43 [article]

Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) will held Panel Discussion for Representative Council Election candidates in Joensuu on Monday 21st of October and in Kuopio on Wednesday 23rd of October. In the discussion, candidates will answer questions concerning different themes either in Finnish or English. Also, the audience could pose their questions […]

Motivation Wednesday – support for English speaking students and researchers [article]

Feeling low or overwhelmed? Can’t find motivation to study? Procrastination is getting the better of you? Or simply, feeling lonely? Maybe in Motivation Wednesday you can find the support you need?Following the success and popularity among the students of the ‘Tsemppihetki’ (introduced just in the spring 2022), the UEF wants to offer a similar support […]

Support for difficult situations [page]

Violations against the responsible conduct of research Violations against the responsible conduct of research include research misconduct (fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, misappropriation) and disregard for the responsible conduct of research (e.g. denigrating the role of other researchers in publications, manipulating authorship, self-plagiarism, or careless reporting of research results). If there is reason to suspect a violation […]

Student Barometer collects information on studies and student life – participate to the survey until 9.3.2022! [article]

Student Barometer is a survey aimed at students in higher education. Its purpose is to collect information on students’ experiences and opinions of their studies, student life, and everyday life. Student Barometer is repeated data collection carried out by the Research Foundation for Studies and Education Otus sr. Information produced by Student Barometer is used […]

Methods of completing studies [page]

Study Regulations describe how studies can be completed, and units responsible for courses (in Peppi: course implementations) have the authority to define the ways of completing courses in their curricula, including evaluation of study attainments. Students can complete studies individually or in groups through a variety of written and oral methods, such as lectures and […]

Let’s respect the quiet working conditions at the library [article]

Lately we have received feedback on excess noise at the library. We hope that every customer takes others into consideration by keeping their voice down, using a mask and keeping the shared space tidy. Quiet working conditions are our common right and everyone has a responsibility to intervene. If the noise level gets out of […]

Study Psychologist [page]

There are currently three study psychologists at UEF who offer counselling to bachelor’s and master’s degree students. Study psychologists are licensed practitioners of psychology who help students in all study-related issues. Study psychologists also offer group counselling and play an important role in developing practices that enhance students’ wellbeing at UEF. Discussions with the study […]

Distance and online learning [page]

Distance learning means studying that is non-place-bound and may also be non-time-bound. Usually, the studying is partly or entirely online. Hybrid learning combines different forms of studying. In hybrid learning, teaching is both local and online. In distance learning, one’s own activity is very important. The ability to concentrate and schedule one’s own studies also plays an important […]

Student2Student -peer counselling [page]

Peer counsellors will be available every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2pm to 5pm. The peer counsellors are there to discuss any issues related to student life and wellbeing. They offer peer support and a shoulder to lean on, and they can assist you in finding further support if necessary. All discussions with peer counsellors are […]