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YUFE Challenge Teams Spring 2024 Call is open until 20 February! [article]

YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) Challenge Teams Spring 2024 Call is open until 20 February. Every UEF Student can take part in a Challenge Teams of their own interest (in English, online) – and get the YUFE Professional Star reward and even 2 ECTs. You can choose between 7 different Challenges from […]

Application periods [page]

This page is about the outgoing exchange application periods at the University of Eastern Finland. These application periods are a part of the first stage of the exchange application process: the student’s application to the UEF. The second stage of the application process, the student’s application to the host university, is a completely separate process […]

Virtual Studies [page]

Are you interested in making your studies more international, but going abroad for an exchange for a semester of full year does not feel like an option for you? Students also have the opportunity to internationalize their degree without traveling! UEF students have a variety of options for participating in different virtual courses and complete […]

Alliances and networks [page]

Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) YUFE Alliance offers a variety of studies, exchange and networking possibilities and volunteering opportunities in 10 universities across Europe, both online and on-site also for Doctoral Researchers. To make the most of the Alliance’s offerings, apply for the Student Journey study right. It is valid for a […]

Application period for YUFE Exchanges for spring 2024 starts today! [article]

The application period is open from 11 September to 10 October 2023. The application period closes on Tuesday, 10 October, at 3:00 PM (15:00). Degree students at the University of Eastern Finland may apply for student exchange at YUFE Alliance host universities for spring semester 2024. Students of all fields of study may apply, as […]

The YUFE Alliance [page]

YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) How does it sound to build your own degree from courses offered at ten European universities? Young Universities for the Future of Europe, or YUFE Alliance, to which the University of Eastern Finland belongs, makes this possible. YUFE offers, for example, academic courses in English and in […]

Bulletins and guidelines [page]

On this page: Brexit and student exchange (update) The war on Ukraine and its impact on student exchange The coronavirus pandemic and safety 1. Brexit and student exchanges (Updated 26 Jan 2024 Since the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union came into effect 1 January 2021, the current situation and future of student mobility to […]

Research exchange [page]

Research is mostly international in its character, and it is useful to get to know the international research groups of your own field. You should negotiate potential research exchange with your supervisors. They can also help you in finding suitable contacts. Below you can find information about potential exchange programmes. Many foundations also award grants […]

Short-term exchanges [page]

Short-term exchange in general Students at the University of Eastern Finland may participate in short-term student exchange during their studies. Short-term exchanges generally mean short courses, summer and winter schools and other short-term study visits organised by different partner universities. International Mobility Services shares information about different short-term study abroad options in the Viva Engage […]