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Credits and grades [page]

Credits The Finnish national credit allocation and accumulation system is equivalent to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). This means that credits (opintopiste) are the same as those in the ECTS. One year of full-time studies requires about 1600 hours of work and corresponds to 60 credits (30 credits per semester). Lectures, exercises, seminars, […]

Learn about Climate University courses! [article]

The University of Eastern Finland is a part of The Climate University network, coordinated by the University of Helsinki. Network has formed a teaching cooperation contract between 18 universities. With these new contracts, a majority of Finnish university students can take the network’s climate and sustainability themed courses. The first Climate University courses open to […]

Peppi will take you from Oodi to the 2020’s this autumn! [article]

The new student data system Peppi will be deployed at UEF in three stages in October and November 2021 which also means saying goodbye to WebOodi. Peppi is an information system wherein different features are organized into virtual desktops based on user roles. Peppi comprises education planning, facility and resource reservations, and the student and […]

Electronic exam: instructions for students [page]

Student exam process in exam NOTE! The links take you to national guidelines that do not have the UEF Exam address (opens in a new tab). Check out the Electronic Exam: Facilities and Practices page, which also provides instructions for visiting exams, for example. Check from the Exam/teacher that the exam can be taken through […]

EXAM system accessibility statement [page]

University of Eastern Finland EXAM system accessibility statement This accessibility statement applies to the EXAM system, and it was created on 25 June 2020. The accessibility statement was updated on 7.4.2021. This accessibility statement applies to the EXAM system and not the contents, for example the attachments of a single exam. Accessibility means that as many […]

Requirements for and Examination of the Doctoral Dissertation, Faculty of Science and Forestry [page]

Requirements for doctoral dissertation A doctoral dissertation can be described as a scientific presentation based on independent research that promotes knowledge in the discipline in question (monography). A dissertation may also be composed of several scientific publications or manuscripts concerning the same research problem that have been accepted for publication or are intended to be […]

Philosophical Faculty’s requirements and evaluation of a doctoral dissertation [page]

An eligible doctoral dissertation may be a monograph or a collection of research articles. A collection of research articles consists of scientific publications or manuscripts, outlined in an independent summary, which examine the same set of problems. The number of articles required is determined by the Philosophical Faculty. A doctoral dissertation in the form of […]

Doctoral diploma and graduation [page]

After the public examination, the opponent gives the faculty a written statement about the dissertation, and you have the opportunity to submit a rejoinder to the opponent’s statement if you are not satisfied with the evaluation. The faculty approves or rejects the doctoral dissertation and decides on the grade. Applying for a Doctoral Degree You […]

Dissertation news releases and public examinations on UEF’s website [page]

The university’s Communications and Media Relations raises awareness of research carried out at the university by, e.g., adding information about upcoming public examinations in the university’s events calendar and publishing doctoral dissertation news releases on the university’s website and social media channels, and also by sharing this information with the media. The faculties’ designated Communications […]