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Thesis submission and evaluation [page]

Instructions for submitting your thesis for examination Plagiarism detection in Moodle by using the Turnitin software, prior to officially submitting your thesis for examination: Upload your thesis to Moodle for your supervisor to perform plagiarism detection on it. Your supervisor will review the plagiarism detection report. If everything is OK, your supervisor will send you […]

General instructions related to graduation [page]

You can apply for a degree from your faculty once you have completed all studies required for the degree and they have been recorded in the study register. A student applying for a degree must be enrolled at the university as a present student while applying for the degree. A degree certificate is applied for […]

Studies after graduation – continued study right [page]

Students that have completed their Master’s degree or PhD degree have the right to complement their studies after graduation with continued right to study. Students entitled to continued right to study: Students, that have completed their Master’s degree, or a Bachelor’s degree with no right to complete a Master’s degree (pharmacist or kindergarten teacher) on […]

Doctoral diploma and graduation [page]

After the public examination of the dissertation, the opponent gives the faculty a written statement about the dissertation, and you have the opportunity to submit a rejoinder to the opponent’s statement. The faculty approves or rejects the doctoral dissertation and decides the possible grade. Applying for a Doctoral Degree You can apply for the degree […]

From Oodi to Peppi – important information for students [article]

University of Eastern Finland will deploy a new student data system in late 2021. WebOodi will be replaced by a modern data ecosystem called Peppi. The Peppi ecosystem includes a lot of diverse functions and plug-ins that will make every-day working and studying at the UEF easier. In addition to the student data system, Peppi […]

Employment of UEF doctoral graduates [page]

Aarresaari (Career services network of Finnish universities) has conducted Doctoral degree career monitoring since 2007. The survey is sent to people who have completed a doctoral degree 2–3 years after graduation. The aim of this national survey is to obtain information about the quality and appropriateness of the employment of individuals with postgraduate qualifications, the […]

Practical training [page]

Practical training during studies is a great opportunity for students to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, improve their professional skills, narrow down their career choices, and make direct contact with potential employers. Having work experience in your own discipline, no matter how brief the period of employment, gives you an advantage over others in […]