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Maintenance break in Peppi on 18-19 October 2023 may affect registering as a library customer in Tuudo [article]

The announced maintenance break may affect new library customers’ registration in Tuudo app. When registering, a customer adds a digital library card to Tuudo, and this may not be possible during the break. If registering in Tuudo doesn’t work, we kindly ask you to wait until the end of the break. In an urgent matter, […]

Exceptions to Student and Learning Services’ customer service opening hours in October 2023 [article]

Upcoming exceptions to Student and Learning Services customer service opening hours Wednesday 4 October 2023 the phone service and customer service desk in both Joensuu and Kuopio close at 12:15 pm due to the sports afternoon. Week 42 16–20 October 2023 the customer service desk in Joensuu is closed. The phone service and customer service […]