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Updates to UEF information security policy and rules [article]

The university’s information security rules have been updated to, for example, comply with changes in relevant European Union and national legislation as well as to consider changes in certain roles relating to information security and data protection. Another aim has been to make the set of rules increasingly compact. The Director of Administration has ratified […]

Regarding Security and Privacy in the Zoom Service [article]

The security of Zoom, used in online teaching and meetings, has been much discussed in media recently. UEF has taken a closer look at the discussion and sorted out the security implications. The Zoom service used in UEF is offered and implemented by CSC through NORDUnet. The service is located in Sweden and it’s used […]

Safety and security [page]

The crime rate is low in Finland in comparison to most other European countries. Visitors have little need to fear for their personal safety or their property. Nevertheless, reasonable caution with personal belongings is always recommended as a precaution. Incoming international students are reminded to take into consideration that although Finland is a safe, tolerant […]

Information security guide [page]

Student’s information security in a nutshell You are responsible for all activities carried out under your user ID. Apart from your personal data, also remember to protect other people’s information that is in your possession. Never tell your password to anyone else. Choose a password that is easy for you to remember but impossible for […]

Gentle reminder: personal items and computer area etiquette in the library [article]

We kindly remind you of following the library’s terms of use while using our facilities. Please remember that any personal items left unattended are considered lost property and will be handled by the university’s facility management officers. For those using our 24/7 self-service facilities, we advise to take your belongings with you when leaving. If […]

Healthcare fee for higher education students: New due dates [article]

Kela’s press release: Starting 1 January 2024, the due dates for the healthcare fee for higher education students will change, but the fee itself will remain at its current level. Also, degree students from other EU or EEA countries or from Switzerland, Great Britain or Northern Ireland will continue to be exempt from paying the […]

Large maintenance break in Peppi on 18–19 October 2023 [article]

There will be a maintenance break in Peppi on 18–19 October while a new Peppi version is installed. Note that during the maintenance break the following services will NOT be available: Services functioning partially during the maintenance break: Tuudo EXAM Moodle Prepare for the maintenance break, and do the following on 17 October at the […]

The University of Eastern Finland prepares for rotating power outages [article]

Due to energy shortages resulting from the global energy crisis, locally imposed rotating power outages are possible, and they will affect the staff, students and partners working on the Joensuu and Kuopio Campus of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). The university is preparing for possible rotating power outages, also known as rolling blackouts. The […]

University of Eastern Finland to introduce an internal whistleblowing channel [article]

The European Union has adopted the so-called Whistleblowing Directive, which seeks to ensure that persons discovering suspected breaches of EU law in the course of their work can anonymously report them without fear of retaliation. In Finland, the Act on the Protection of Persons Reporting Breaches of EU Law is expected to enter into force […]