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Stress Less Learn More [article]

Studying can be stressful, especially when everything happens remotely. In these webinar sessions you will have the chance to share your experiences with peers, learn new strategies for dealing with stress, and find ways to feel better when studying. You can also participate without a camera or microphone if you’d prefer, but you are welcome […]

Questionnaire about experiences with stress and information systems in your studies [article]

Answer a questionnaire and win EUR 50 Answering the questionnaire is optional, and takes 10-15 minutes. By answering this questionnaire you can become one of the three lucky winners of a 50€ prize. The questionnaire asks you about your experiences with stress and information systems in your studies. Your answers are anonymous. Link to questionnaire: […]

FSHS/ Lunchtime drop-ins: stress management during lunch breaks [article]

Taking breaks is really important for your energy levels and stress management. Your brain needs moments of rest in the midst of intensive studying. Do you find it hard taking breaks while studying remotely? Do you often have lunch alone at the computer? Are you constantly stressed? Feel you can’t cope? Attention wandering? Try it […]

Motivation Wednesday – support for English speaking students and researchers [article]

Feeling low or overwhelmed? Can’t find motivation to study? Procrastination is getting the better of you? Or simply, feeling lonely? Maybe in Motivation Wednesday you can find the support you need?Following the success and popularity among the students of the ‘Tsemppihetki’ (introduced just in the spring 2022), the UEF wants to offer a similar support […]

Peer counsellors have had support discussions with over 150 students – don’t hesitate to reach out! [article]

UEF’s trained peer counsellors sent out a text message and an e-mail at the beginning of February. Peer counsellors have now contacted most students who left a contact request. Discussions have focused a lot on mental health, study-related stress and well-being. The peer counsellors have helped students find further support from within the university as […]

Study Psychologist [page]

There are currently three study psychologists at UEF who offer counselling to bachelor’s and master’s degree students. Study psychologists are licensed practitioners of psychology who help students in all study-related issues. Study psychologists also offer group counselling and play an important role in developing practices that enhance students’ wellbeing at UEF. Discussions with the study […]

Wellbeing of doctoral researchers [page]

Conducting doctoral studies is interesting and intriguing. It is also challenging, and an engagement of several years. Research may not proceed well, and funding may cease leading to a need to obtain another job. Therefore, it is important to proactively take care of your well being. The major stress factors according to an extensive (n=6000) […]