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Aktiiviset opintoyhteisöt / Active Study Communities [Unknown]

[[“Yhteis\u00f6 / Community”,”Tiedekunta / Faculty”,”Sivusto / Site”,”Yammer-ryhm\u00e4 / Yammer Group”],[“Biologia / Biology”,”LUMET”,”Biologian opintoyhteis\u00f6\n\nBiology of Environmental Change“,”Biology learning community“],[“Biol\u00e4\u00e4ketiede / Biomedicine”,”TT”,”Biol\u00e4\u00e4ketieteen opintoyhteis\u00f6“,”Biol\u00e4\u00e4ketieteen LuK-vaiheen opiskelijat \n\nBIOMED MSc programme“],[“Farmasia / Pharmacy”,”TT “,”Farmasian opintoyhteis\u00f6\nMDP… Continue Reading Aktiiviset opintoyhteisöt / Active Study Communities

Independently abroad [page]

…for freemover studies. Announcements on international options outside the scope of University of Eastern Finland’s exchange programmes are published on the O365 noticeboard Yammer: UEF Yammer: Kansainvälistymismahdollisuuksia opiskelijoille // Internationalisation… Continue Reading Independently abroad

Smart Start [pdf]

…sign-in) YAMMER (The interaction channel in UEF, requires sign-in) It feels good to be a part of the university, it’s a great atmosphere.… Continue Reading Smart Start