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Peppi will replace WebOodi at the end of November 2021: student, get ready now!

Peppi will replace WebOodi at the end of November 2021: student, get ready now!

The University of Eastern Finland will introduce a new study information system at the end of 2021, when WebOodi will be replaced by a modern Peppi system. Peppi is a data ecosystem that includes the planning of teaching, the reservation of space and other resources and the student and study register, in which the functions are divided into virtual desktops based on different user roles.

The Peppi handbook (opens in a new tab) (requires login) contains information about the Peppi system and its implementation at the University of Eastern Finland. In the handbook, you can read current information about Peppi and browse the instructions by user group (note: to read the Peppi handbook, you need to sign in with your UEF account). Follow Peppi in Yammer (opens in a new tab) (requires login) too!

Prior to the deployment of Peppi in week 48, the student register is out of use for weeks 44-47. WebOodi will continue in reading mode during and after the service break, but no new information can be added there. The updated teaching schedules are already visible during the service break from the Lukkarikone and other teaching information from the Study Guide.

Please note

  • Follow the information in the Peppi Handbook, Yammer, and email, and participate in the Peppi info in weeks 41 and 48!
  • Check your curriculum and the valid curriculum for the academic year 2021–2022. If necessary, contact your PSP instructor, amanuensis or similar body.
  • Update PSP in WebOodi and download it for yourself no later than week 43 – PSP will not be transferred to Peppi as such.
  • If you want, order a transcript and a certificate of study from WebOodi no later than week 43.
  • Check the adequacy of the study grant if you do not achieve your bachelor’s degree within the target time.

Are you planning to graduate in the fall of 2021?

If you want to receive a diploma in 2021, submit your master’s thesis for examination no later than 1st of September 2021, and a bachelor’s degree thesis 10th of September. Request for study module evaluation as soon as possible after completing the study units. Closed study modules will speed up the graduation process.

Theses submitted after these dates are also evaluated but saving the completed theses to the study register may be delayed. Theses will be backdated to the date of grading. Apply for a degree no later than 1st of October. Graduation will also be possible after the beginning of October, but getting the certificate can be delayed until 2022.