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How could UEF support entrepreneurship? Answer the survey & win movie tickets and product prizes!

UEF Students, what kind of support UEF should give for entrepreneurship? Now is your chance to influence the entrepreneurship and innovation services!

We want to find out how we can support and promote the encounter of entrepreneurial minded and interested students in our university community. We are also exploring how you think the university can best support the pathway to entrepreneurship or the development of your own entrepreneurial activities.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the survey and we will draw 3 x two cinema tickets and UEF product prize packages from all respondents. You can take the survey here: The deadline to answer is 10 April.

Do you have more to say about entrepreneurship?

We will organise a workshop on 11 April at 12.15 at the Joensuu campus, where you can also register at the end of the survey. So there are real opportunities to make a difference.

We will listen to your views with a sensitive ear and try to come up with concrete measures to support entrepreneurship in the way you and your fellow students think would be smartest.

The survey is carried out in cooperation between the University of Eastern Finland and Männikkömetsä Oy.

The use of library’s e-resources and interlibrary loan services blocked from Russia and Belarus

Access to library databases and other electronic materials is not possible from Russia and Belarus, since the UEF has blocked access to its electronic services requiring authentication with the university’s username and password from the Russian and Belarusian territory from 23 March 2022, due to sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus. The library’s interlibrary loan services to Russia and Belarus have stopped due to the sanctions.

YUFE Language Help Desk to the rescue!

Wisniewska Katarzyna and Ahonen Tuuli. Doctoral researchers Katarzyna Wisniewska and Tuuli Ahonen answer questions in YUFE English <> Finnish Language Help Desk.
Wisniewska Katarzyna and Ahonen Tuuli. Doctoral researchers Katarzyna Wisniewska and Tuuli Ahonen answer questions in YUFE English <> Finnish Language Help Desk.

How to translate a thesis abstract or an article from Finnish into English or vice versa? Do I use Finnish or English grammar correctly? Can I express myself properly in my interactions with a foreign culture?

University students, staff, and just about everyone else, sometimes need a helping hand with small translations and occasional language check. As part of the YUFE network of European universities, the University of Eastern Finland has launched a language help desk which deals with the Finnish–English language pair, sharing language-related hacks online.

“We can help students translate texts like articles, dissertation extracts and abstracts. We also offer other small-scale proofreading and translation services and resolve doubts about spelling”, say doctoral researchers Katarzyna Wisniewska and Tuuli Ahonen.

Katarzyna and Tuuli answer questions in YUFE English <> Finnish Language Help Desk which you can find on the webpages of UEF. You can send your question or text to the Help Desk via an electonic form and receive an answer straight to your own email address or it can also be published anonymously on the Help Desk web page.

“The main idea is that we are here for everyone, and anyone can ask us questions, not only university students and staff. We look at the questions sent to us through the forms together and answer them according to our schedules in person or on the website”, Tuuli and Katarzyna explain.

Katarzyna and Tuuli are qualified to answer language questions. Katarzyna, originally from Poland, had worked as a professional translator even before coming to study at the University of Eastern Finland seven years ago. She is now writing a dissertation in Translation Studies, and at the same time helping with civic-engagement activities within the YUFE network.

Tuuli’s doctoral research is focused on English Language and Translation Studies. She is a UEF doctoral student representative in the YUFE Student Board, responsible for help-desks activities. Tuuli has translated various texts for the YUFE Alliance, so the Laguage Help Desk felt like the right place to end up in eventually.

“You can also ask us questions related to international communication. Culture always goes hand in hand with language, so we can also have answers to culture-related issues”, Tuuli suggests.

In addition to the Language Help Desk, the Diversity and Inclusivity Help Desk has been launched in the YUFE network this spring to provide answers to questions concerning diversity, respect for differences, dialogue and inclusivity, as well as involvement and participation in community activities. The Diversity and Inclusivity Help Desk is run by coordinator Senni Pykäläinen and YUFE student Glyd Jun Aranes.

New thematic help desk will possibly be added, as long as there is interest. The free help desks can be found at

YUFE in a nutshell

YUFE is one of 41 European university federations funded by the European Commission to develop pan-European university models. YUFE is built on the shared vision of ten European research universities and four other partners. The members of the network are united by their dedication to the European world of thought, their desire to build a more competitive, innovative and cohesive Europe, and the goal of finding solutions to today’s burning challenges.

In addition to the University of Eastern Finland, other partner universities include: the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, the University of Antwerp in Belgium, the University of Bremen in Germany, the University of Madrid III in Spain, the University of Essex in the United Kingdom, the University of Cyprus, the Tor Vergata University of Rome, the University of Rijeka in Croatia, and the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland. In addition to the development of higher education, YUFE aims at increasing cooperation between universities and university cities.

Fault notification: some PDF files cannot be opened right now

Some of the PDF files in Kamu are shared from the M365 Sharepoint Library. These PDF files do not open at all right now. A similar issue has been identified with other M365 customers as well, and a request for clarification and correction has been made to Microsoft.

UEF IT Services and Development Services are currently exploring alternative ways to temporarily distribute documents on the website until Microsoft has resolved and fixed the issue.

If you need a PDF file that doesn’t open, please send a request to

Motivation Wednesday – support for English speaking students and researchers

Feeling low or overwhelmed? Can’t find motivation to study? Procrastination is getting the better of you? Or simply, feeling lonely? Maybe in Motivation Wednesday you can find the support you need?
Following the success and popularity among the students of the ‘Tsemppihetki’ (introduced just in the spring 2022), the UEF wants to offer a similar support to English speaking students, PhD and researchers of the university.

The objective of Motivation Wednesday is the students’ and researchers’ improved well-being and their more effective learning and studying through sharing with them psychological and neuroscience knowledge about stress and anxiety control and effective learning as well as techniques to boost learning performance.

The Motivation Wednesday meetings take place weekly on Zoom platform and will last for two hours. The first hour is devoted to knowledge sharing and discussions, the second hour is for the participants’ own use like work, study using the Pomodoro technique.

Each week a new topic will be discussed. The topics will include stress and anxiety management, gaining and sustaining motivation, boosting attention, improving learning effectiveness as well as setting priorities and achieving goals. Participants will gain better understanding of their own emotional and cognitive processes and learn techniques and tools to peak the work performance and find emotional balance at the same time.


Motivation Wednesday will help you identify and organize your objectives and priorities, find the work rhythm attuned to your needs and capacities, you will get effective tools to reduce you stress and anxiety. The Motivation Wednesday will enable you to stay motivated in your work and on your task and achieve the effects, results you seek.

You can join the meeting with or without the microphone and camera. The extent of your participation is entirely up to you. You can also chat anonymously with other attendees. The key principle of Motivation Wednesday is that everyone is feeling secure and comfortable.

The meetings take place on Wednesdays 15.15-17.00 (EET) via Zoom.

We start on Wednesday, 30.03.2022! Join us to better understand yourself and share your thoughts and experiences.

For more information contact Joanna Bunikowska,

Mark your calendar already today!

The Motivation Wednesday sessions topics and dates:

  1. 30.3.2022 Psychology and biology of stress and anxiety and what can you do to manage and control your stress and anxiety.
  2. 6.4.2022 What is behind motivation processes and what are the techniques to sustain your motivation.
  3. 13.4.2022 Learning faster and more effectively.
  4. 20.4.2022 Remember to sleep well and enough – how to get the best quality of sleep to work more effectively during the day.
  5. 27.4.2022 Control stress and anxiety by stimulating your vagus nerve.
  6. 11.5.2022 Create good habits, break bad ones.
  7. 25.5.2022 Set and achieve goals for you
  8. 1.6.2022 Boost your focus, extend your attention span and know when to take a break.
  9. 8.6.2022 Time to get more energy – how can you boost your energy?
  10. 15.6.2022 Community, colleagues, social contacts – why do we need other people to feel good?

UEF info session on the situation in Ukraine on 29 March 2022 at 10–11

Welcome to a UEF info session on Tuesday, 29 March 2022, starting at 10. The info session will deal with the effects of the war in Ukraine on the activities of the University of Eastern Finland.

The info session will be led by Rector Jukka Mönkkönen, Academic Rector Tapio Määttä and Director of Administration Tuomo Meriläinen.

Questions related to the situation in Ukraine and sanctions can be sent by email to

You can join the info session via this link (signing in needed).

Comments and questions can be submitted in the comments section below during the info session.
A recording of the info session will be published on the UEF Current News group on Yammer afterwards.

War in Ukraine – How to take care of yourself and colleague?

Lecture is about what happens in human mind when we follow news from the war in Ukraine? We go through basic principles on how to respect your own well-being in current situation?

The other lecture is focused to personnel that work with groups. In that lecture we will go through themes mentioned above and think how to apply them when working with groups.


Common lecture for all (staff and students) (ZOOM) on 30th March 2022, at 15.00-16.00 (in English)

Lecture for supervisors and personnel working with groups (ZOOM) on 6th April 2022, at 10.00-11.00 (in English)

You can find links for the Zoom meetings in Yammer (requires logging in with UEF account) (opens in a new tab).

Lecture by:

Sami Råman, Terveystalo
Work- and Organizational psychologist

With Katri Ruth, Educational Psychologist, UEF

Student Well-being Survey as a Part of the Study Environment Inspections

Study environment inspections are carried out at all universities every three years and at the University of Eastern Finland it will be carried out during this spring. The inspections are coordinated by student healthcare (FSHS) and carried out together with students, the staff at the educational institution and the health inspector of the municipality in question.

A Student Well-being Survey will be carried out as a part of this inspection. A questionnaire link will be sent to students during this week.

A thriving community benefits the life of all students. Inspections provide information about how students are doing in their study communities and how the study environment could improve students’ well-being even more. So, please answer the survey!

Study environment inspections are an integral part of study community work and help to promote physical, mental and social well-being in your study community. In practice, the inspections may check to see if students have time to eat between lectures, whether the ergonomic aspects of study premises are appropriate, and whether students face harassment in their study communities. The inspections provide the educational institution with information about the well-being of students and the strengths of the institution itself.

Further information:

Study environment inspections – FSHS (opens in a new tab)

The Library is invoicing borrowing fees in early April

We are invoicing unpaid borrowing service fees in early April. By paying all the unpaid fees before that, you can avoid the invoicing. Web payment in UEF Primo is a quick and easy way to pay the overdue and reservation fees online. It is possible if the amount of fees is at least three euro. You can also pay the fees at the Joensuu and Kuopio campus libraries’ customer service with a debit/credit card. Payment is not possible in the KUH Medical Library, because there is no cash service. 

More information