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Parking on campus becomes cheaper from 1 September 2020 onwards [article]

The price of parking permits for the University of Eastern Finland’s campuses is revised from 1 September. Due to the coronavirus situation, the prices of both annual and monthly parking permits will be reduced; however, parking permit fees from the past spring will not be refunded. A new permit for charging electrical and hybrid cars […]

Pay parking introduced to the University of Eastern Finland campuses [article]

Pay parking will be introduced to the Joensuu and Kuopio campuses of the University of Eastern Finland as of 1 September 2018. Pay parking will be enforced from September to May on weekdays between 7 am to 4 pm. At other times, parking on the university campuses is free of charge. Read more:

Arriving on campus during Covid-19 [page]

Arriving in Finland during the Covid-19 Pandemic We recommend that you take a full series of Covid-19 vaccination before arriving in Finland if possible. In some cases the students might need to self-quarantine on their arrival.  Please be prepared for that. The length of the travel-related self-quarantine has been earlier 14 or 10 days and […]

Accessible studies [page]

Accessibility refers to a physical, mental and social environment where everyone, regardless of their personal characteristics, can act and interact equally with others. At the university, accessibility affects all students and staff members, but it is especially important to those members of the university community who have a disability, who are ageing, or who belong […]

Accessibility in studies – aids and facilities [page]

Accessibility refers to the design of physical, psychological and social environments so as to allow everyone to function as equals despite their individual characteristics. At the university, accessibility is something that concerns all students and staff members; however, it is of particular importance to those members of the academic community who have a disability, who […]

Student housing [page]

The student housing is offered by independent, non-profit student housing companies, that are not part of the University of Eastern Finland. They offer accommodation in different parts of the city but no on-campus dormitories are available. As an exchange student you can apply for housing as soon as you have received the official Letter of […]