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Are you a Master or PhD student interested in bioeconomy and entrepreneurship? [article]

Boost your curriculum with additional modules: moocs, quizzes, and face-to-face sessions during an intensive study week on 20-24 June, 2022 in Bologna. Apply to the program by December 10, 2021. Core modules – Introduction to bioeconomy – Accelerated sustainable entrepreneurship – Design thinking, creativity and innovative products – Knowledge management – Business management and finance […]

Register for Language Centre courses! [article]

Registration for Language Centre’s autumn semester courses opens on 1.8.2022 in Peppi (​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.   If the course starts before 11.9.2022, registration ends two workdays before the course starts. If the course begins on 12.9.2022 or later in the first period, registration ends on Thu 8 September. For courses in the second period, registration ends 10 days before the […]

Application period for the YUFE Student Journey continues until 26 May [article]

Due to Easter Break and need for more time to submit applications, the application period for YUFE Student Journey continues until 26 May 2022. The YUFE Student Journey offers you the opportunity to create your own learning path and broaden your European horizon. Virtual participation is also possible!  Flexibility, diversity, inclusivity and self-directed learning paths […]

Motivation Wednesday – support for English speaking students and researchers [article]

Feeling low or overwhelmed? Can’t find motivation to study? Procrastination is getting the better of you? Or simply, feeling lonely? Maybe in Motivation Wednesday you can find the support you need?Following the success and popularity among the students of the ‘Tsemppihetki’ (introduced just in the spring 2022), the UEF wants to offer a similar support […]

Apply for the YUFE Student Journey on Spring 2022! [article]

Do you want to study in an international environment? How about studying at 10 young research-driven universities in Europe at the same time!  Take your chances and apply to join the YUFE Student Journey. Application period starts 4 April and continues until 24 April 2022. Learn more about the application process below.  The YUFE Student […]

UEF students, develop your study and working-life skills in online trainings! [article]

University of Eastern Finland provides its staff and students with online trainings, which help to develop the most essential study and working-life skills. “Keys to Well-being – 5 Steps towards Future Work Skills” online trainings are designed to improve self-management skills, which are increasingly important in the changing world of work and study. Transformation of […]

Peppi will replace WebOodi at the end of 2021. How to prepare now? [article]

The University of Eastern Finland will deploy a new student data system in late 2021. WebOodi will be replaced by a modern data ecosystem called Peppi. Peppi is an information system wherein different features are organized into virtual desktops based on user roles. Peppi comprises education planning, facility and resource reservations, and the student and […]

Faculty of Health Sciences’ instructions on requirements and examination of a doctoral dissertation [page]

Requirements for Doctoral Dissertation The doctoral dissertation demonstrates the doctoral candidate’s in-depth knowledge of the field of research, related fields and the philosophy of science. Furthermore, the dissertation demonstrates his/her ability to apply the methods of scientific research into practice both independently and critically in his/her field of research as well as independently to generate […]

Academic career [page]

Career models of the UEF Four-Stage Career Model and Tenure Track Model are used in the University of Eastern Finland (as well as many other Finnish universities). Four-Stage Career Model The model seeks to promote academic career advancement and goal-oriented transition from one stage to another. The first stage for both researchers and teachers is […]

Wellbeing of doctoral researchers [page]

Conducting doctoral studies is interesting and intriguing. It is also challenging, and an engagement of several years. Research may not proceed well, and funding may cease leading to a need to obtain another job. Therefore, it is important to proactively take care of your well being. The major stress factors according to an extensive (n=6000) […]