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New operating models on how to provide early support and act in consequence to inappropriate behavior at UEF [article]

New operating models have been developed to help teachers and other staff members: one for early support when concerns arise about student’s behavior and another to identify and act in consequence to student’s inappropriate behavior. In addition, the previous operating model of inappropriate treatment and harassment in studies will be updated this year. The new […]

The library takes enhanced action to ensure quiet working conditions [article]

We have continued to receive feedback on excess noise at the library.  The feedback concerns the Joensuu Campus Library in particular. According to the library’s Terms of use, the library user should behave in an orderly fashion within the library premises and refrain from disturbing other library users. Failure to comply with the library’s rules […]

Suspending the studies [page]

The Unemployment Security Act’s provisions on the right to unemployment benefits if university studies are suspended for a minimum of one year have been repealed by the new Unemployment Security Act (1290/2002, Finlex database) that entered into force on 1 January 2013. The university does not issue suspension certificates to students for unemployment benefit applications […]