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Changes to mental health chat services (FSHS) [article]

The extensive mental health chat services introduced by FSHS last year were part of the mental health services enabled by government grant. From 1 July 2022 the SelfChat mental health service line will return to normal service hours, providing assessments of the need for treatment within mental health services on weekdays, Mon–Fri, 9 am to […]

Finnish Student Health Service´s FSHS-Week 22.–28.3.2021 and FSHS-Day 24.3. [article]

During the FSHS week, we’ll be sharing with students exercise facts and tips on how to step up your everyday exercise under the theme Active everyday life. You’ll be given tips on sitting less, changing working positions and increasing your physical activity. To make everything as easy as possible, we’ll gather all FSHS Week material […]

FSHS/ Lunchtime drop-ins: stress management during lunch breaks [article]

Taking breaks is really important for your energy levels and stress management. Your brain needs moments of rest in the midst of intensive studying. Do you find it hard taking breaks while studying remotely? Do you often have lunch alone at the computer? Are you constantly stressed? Feel you can’t cope? Attention wandering? Try it […]

Degree students, remember to pay your FSHS healthcare fee to Kela by 31st January 2021! [article]

The student healthcare fee must be paid by all students who are completing a degree at a Finnish institution of higher education and have registered as attending for the term. No bill will be sent on the healthcare fee, and thus you have to pay the fee on your own initiative. In 2021, the healthcare […]

Student Well-being Survey as a Part of the Study Environment Inspections [article]

Study environment inspections are carried out at all universities every three years and at the University of Eastern Finland it will be carried out during this spring. The inspections are coordinated by student healthcare (FSHS) and carried out together with students, the staff at the educational institution and the health inspector of the municipality in […]

Support for students and studying arrangements related to the war in Ukraine [page]

Russia’s military attack on Ukraine is causing concern in the UEF community. At the same time, the international sanctions against Russia affect the studying arrangements of the university. This website contains information about support channels for students, arrangements related to studying and useful links to sources of information. The university has set up a team […]