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New actions against phishing: Safe Links

University of Eastern Finland is again a target of active phishing. IT Services seeks to develop actions again phishing and now we are deploying a Microsoft O365 information security feature, Safe Links. IT Services’ staff has used it already for some time and it seems to work effectively against phishing links.

Safe Links protects against phishing links in email messages and Office documents. For example, when the user clicks a link in an email message, the service checks the link’s UEF address before opening it. If the URL is blocked or determined to be malicious, the user gets a warning page, eg. “This website was blocked by your Office 365 administrator”.

Safe Links protection adds a certain starting string in the front of the link (eg. ””). For now we have not noticed that Safe Links protection had caused any negative effects to the use of the services. However, if you notice a case, where Safe Links prevents the use of some IT service, please contact Service Desk.

Use Your Vote in the European Elections 2019!

This spring is a good time to make a difference. We have already voted in the Finnish Parliamentary Elections, and now we have a chance to set the course of the European Parliament for the next five years!

What Elections?

The European Parliament is one of the legislative organs of the European Union. EU citizens elect members of the parliament in direct elections held in every member state every five years. The previous elections were held in 2014.

Advance voting for the European Elections is held from the 15th to 21st of May in Finland, and from the 15th to 18th of May in other countries. In Finland, the election day is Sunday the 26th of May.

A citizen of another EU Member State living in Finland may choose to vote in the European Parliamentary elections in Finland. This requires, however, that he or she has enrolled (until 7th of March) with the voting register in Finland beforehand to the local register office. If you are allowed to vote for another EU Member State in Finland, you should get the instructions to vote from your relevant authority of your home country.

Everyone who is entitled to vote may vote at a general advance polling station, regardless of their municipality of residence. Anyone who is entitled to vote may also vote abroad at Finnish embassies. On election day, you must vote at the polling station assigned to you!

ISYY’s Election Events in Joensuu and Kuopio

What are the European Elections? What does the European Parliament do? How doest the decision-making affect you? If you are unsure, no worries, ISYY organises on both of its campuses election events, where you can find out more about the European Parliament and the elections.

Both campuses will have election infos on Tuesday the 14th of May at Carelia and Snellmania lobbies from 10 am to 2 pm. We are serving some coffee and tea!

ISYY is also organising an advance voting event for all students on Wednesday the 15th of May at 2 pm both in Joensuu and Kuopio. The advance voting event in Joensuu starts in front of the Carelia building, where some coffee and tea is served. Come early, because at 2 pm we are moving on to the polling station in the Joensuu Main Library. In Kuopio Campus, the event is organised in the polling station at Lukema. Come to vote and get some coffee, tea and ISYY’s Vote! overall badge!

The events are meant for everyone!

Read More: European Elections

More Information:

Ella Partanen, the Vice Chairperson of the Executive Board, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), tel. 044 5768 407, ella.partanen [at]

Aino Peltonen, Board Member of the Executive Board, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), tel. 044 5768 408, aino.peltonen [at]

Apply for SYL’s Advisory Board for Development Cooperation!

Are you inspired by global development and promoting education internationally? Are you concerned about climate change? Are you a persistent communicator, good at forming networks, or know a lot about funding? Do you want to put some of your knowledge to the use of the rest of the world?

We are looking for people with lots of ideas who are committed and motivated to join the Advisory Board for Development Cooperation (KENKKU) of SYL. The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) represents 15 member organisations and 135,000 university students. The development cooperation advisory board advises SYL’s executive board on development cooperation and administers SYL’s development cooperation projects together with the Development Policy Adviser.

However, we don’t expect you to be a development cooperation professional – it’s enough if you have motivation and the desire to learn about development cooperation and global education. We expect KENKKU members to commit to their tasks and be motivated but KENKKU is also meant for developing your personal expertise. KENKKU members are expected to attend most meetings during their term.

By participating in the administration of the Ethiopia project, KENKKU members for the period 2019–2020 will contribute to the planning of possible new projects and the development of various activities, such as private sector cooperation. The term of office will begin in August 2019 and end in August 2020. A maximum of 15 members will be selected for the Advisory Board, some of whom will continue from the previous term. The Advisory Board meets around about once a month in Helsinki, aside from in the summer months, and engages in remote work as required. Lunch is provided as part of meetings and the travel expenses of attendees are reimbursed in accordance with SYL’s travel rules.

KENKKU members are divided into small teams. A person in charge is chosen from each team to ensure that teamwork goes smoothly. We are looking for people with different skills for the advisory board:

1. Communications and advocacy team

The communications team will ensure that our development cooperation work is visible on social media, create content and come up with ideas for developing our communication. The team will assist with development policy advocacy, for example by participating in public discussions of topical issues.

2. Ethiopian project administration team

Team members will manage the Ethiopian development cooperation project, familiarising themselves with material such as annual reports and plans, and contacting local partners. This task requires an interest in project administration, the ability to work independently, project management skills and the ability to work in English. The four-year Ethiopia project began this year.

3. Members of team(s) planning new projects

Members of this team participate in the planning of new projects and the search for new partnerships. This means that team members get to work on project plans, with most such work scheduled for the spring of 2020.

However, not all KENKKU work has to be done within the teams. Everyone can participate in social media communications, for example. In addition to teamwork, individual members can take responsibility for our stand at Global Village festivals, or fundraising.

Applications should include a résumé and a cover letter. Applicants are also requested to state what they would like to learn during their term on KENKKU and how they would contact development cooperation actors within their student union.

Applicants should express their interest in positions based on the position profiles outlined above and to describe their language skills. Similarly, we ask applicants to mention plans that could prevent them from attending several meetings (e.g. studying abroad).

The application deadline is on the 16th of May 2019 at 3 PM. Informal applications are to be delivered as pdf files via email to the following address: hakemukset [at] The title of the email should be “SYL Advisory Board for Development Cooperation”. Name each possible attachment file clearly with your own name, such as “Your Name CV” and “Your Name application”. The ISYY executive board will present members for the SYL Advisory Board based on applications.

In our operations, SYL emphasizes diversity and equal opportunities. We hope to receive applications from persons from diverse backgrounds and genders.

More information:

Susanna Remes, Executive Board member responsible for development cooperation, Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), tel. +358 44 576 8403, susanna.remes [at]

Read more: Development Cooperation

Call for Applicants: A Deputy Student Member to the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Science and Forestry

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) is a student union in compliance with the Universities Act, section 46. A statutory function of the Student Union is to elect student representatives to University organs in accordance with the Universities Act, chapter 3.

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland is seeking one (1) deputy student member to the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Science and Forestry until the end of 2019.

The Faculty Council is a multimember administrative body in compliance with the Universities Act, section 27. The Faculty’s professors, teaching, research and general staff members and students are represented on the Faculty Council.

The Faculty Council’s functions are defined in the University Regulations, section 9. The Faculty Council’s functions are:

  1. To process and issue statements on the Faculty’s strategic plan and budget;
  2. To process and issue statements on the Faculty’s internal structure, within the framework determined by the rector;
  3. To establish or abolish subjects within the educational mandate;
  4. To set syllabuses (incl. the principles of incorporating studies completed in other universities or educational institutes into degrees), degree requirements and admission criteria, unless otherwise mandated in these regulations;
  5. To review doctoral dissertations;
  6. To process proposals defining the extent of a professor’s duties
  7. To process proposals defining the extent of the Faculty’s teaching and research staff’s duties according to the four-level career path model;
  8. To grant the title of docent;
  9. To grant the title of honorary doctor.

Persons with a right to complete an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the Faculty of Science and Forestry of the University of Eastern Finland may apply to the position of a deputy student member of the Faculty Council. Persons with over 50% employment contract with the university cannot apply to the Faculty Council as a student.

A student member ought to be effective, interested in student issues and dedicated to their job.

Valid applications with attached resumes are to be delivered to the Student Union Specialist of Academic and Social Affairs Mikko Aaltonen at koso [at] by 12 noon Thursday 16 May 2019.

The Student Union Executive Board will choose the deputy student member.

More Information:

Mikko Aaltonen, Specialist on Academic and Social Affairs, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, tel. +358 44 576 8414, koso [at]