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Application period for exchange studies in November!

Application period for outgoing student exchange opens 1-15 November 2022!

During the November application period, degree students at the University of Eastern Finland will be able to apply for student exchange during the academic year 2023-2024. Exchange programmes available for application in this application period are bilateral exchange (outside of Europe) and ISEP Exchange programme.

The application period ends on Tuesday, November 15, at 3 PM sharp. Late applications will not be accepted.

Programme-specific calls for applications have been posted on Kamu: calls for applications for student exchange.

Students may apply for a total of 1-2 exchange places. Please carefully read through the programme-specific calls for applications, which contain more information about the application deadline and which host institutions are available for applying. The application will be done in the SoleMOVE-system.

If you are applying for two (2) places, the host institutions do not have to be from the same exchange programme. If you are applying for a placement in two separate exchange programmes (for example Erasmus+ and bilateral exchange), please note:

  • Specify which host institution is your first priority in your motivation letter. You may only be selected as a candidate for one.
  • The maximum number of host institutions per applicant is two. If you are applying to two exchange programmes, you may only select one host institution per programme.
  • If you are applying to host institutions in two separate exchange programmes, you will need to make two applications. You may use the same attachments for both applications.

For more information about student exchange, please see the Kamu Databank’s Study Abroad section.

Exceptions to Student and Learning Services’ customer service opening hours

Upcoming exceptions to opening hours

During week 44, the Student and Learning Services’ customer service is closed 2–3 November due to the Student and Learning Services’ staff development days. The services are open as follows:

Customer service deskPhone service
Week 44
Monday31 October 202210 am - 3 pm10 am - 3 pm
Tuesday1 November 2022closed10 am - 3 pm
Wednesday2 November 2022closedclosed
Thursday3 November 2022closedclosed
Friday4 November 202210 am - 3 pm10 am - 3 pm

Current opening hours

The Student and Learning Services’ customer service desk is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 am to 3 pm.

If you are unable to visit the customer service desk during these times, please contact us by email or phone, and we can set up a meeting for a different time.

Visiting address: Joensuu Aurora A, 1st floor; Kuopio Canthia, 2nd floor

Email address: (Please note that there might be delays in responses during vacation times)

Phone number: +358 (0)29 445 8900

Phone service: Mon-Fri from 10 am to 3 pm UTC +2

International Week: info sessions online!

Due to sudden illness, we will organise today’s exchange info session only online. We also have to cancel tomorrow’s planned International Day event in Kuopio. The info session tomorrow afternoon will also be available only online.

You will find Zoom links to the info sessions on Kamu’s study abroad events page. We aim to organise International Day in Kuopio at another time. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Loneliness is a communal issue – support is available

Loneliness is something we all experience from time to time. Sometimes we can feel lonely even when surrounded by people. Especially when adapting to a new culture or new stage of life, loneliness can feel overwhelming. When loneliness is prolonged, it can have a strong negative impact on well-being and studies, and it can feel like a difficult cycle to get out of. Support for loneliness is available at UEF.

Sharing your thoughts and experiences with UEF’s trained peer counsellors can be a good place to start. Peer counsellors are master’s degree students in social and health sciences, who have been trained to offer counselling to students in a variety of challenging situations. They work under the supervision of UEFs study psychologists and campus pastors. Discussions with peer counsellors are strictly confidential, free-of-charge and anonymous, if you wish.

Campus pastors offer individual guidance by offering verbal aid for personal growth and the various changes life may throw at you. You can feel safe talking withe campus pastor, and you are not required to be a member of the church or possess a certain view of the world.

The Crisis Centers in Kuopio and Joensuu offer professional counselling for difficult situations in life, including loneliness.

Kuopio’s “Coffee & Friends” evenings offer students a place to come hang out after lectures, to enjoy refreshments and good company. You can come to the café on your own or bring someone with you. You are warmly welcome just as you are! The evenings are held on Tuesdays from 4pm to 6pm in the Studentia chapel.

International Week 24-27 October!

International Mobility Services is organizing International Week on 24-27 October 2022!

During the week, we will host info sessions about different exchange opportunities and internationalisation possibilities. We will also host International Day on both campuses on Wednesday 26 Oct from 12 noon to 3 PM, during which we will have info desks on campuses. Feel free to come chat with us about exchange studies!

There will be former exchange students with us on International Day as well, from whom you can ask about practical experience with exchange studies!

Check the programme from Kamu and join in!

The library is invoicing borrowing fees at the end of October

We are invoicing unpaid borrowing service fees at the end of October. By paying all the unpaid fees before that, you can avoid the invoicing. Web payment in UEF Primo is a quick and easy way to pay the overdue and reservation fees online. It is possible if the amount of fees is at least three euros. You can also pay the fees at the Joensuu and Kuopio campus libraries’ customer service with a payment card. Payment is not possible in the KUH Medical Library, because there is no cash service. 

More information:

Applications to the FOEBE course are open from 10 October to 14 November 2022

The FOEBE project, funded by the Erasmus+ program, aims to develop the entrepreneurial skills of students in the bioeconomyin order to accelerate the deployment of this sector in the European Union.

The FOEBE programme equips young professionals with appropriate entrepreneurial skills. Innovative, sustainable and economically viable solutions must be found in order to fully deploy the bioeconomy in today’s world. Training students at the European level is therefore a crucial mission.

Seven higher education institutions composing the EBU (European Bioeconomy University) alliance, pooled their strengths to offer the best possible training in bioeconomy entrepreneurship.

This project combines e-learning and face-to-face sessions, with an emphasis on innovative pedagogical practices. The selected students will study 3 hours a week per module, for a total of 16 week of e-learning. The programme will end with a face-to-face week in Warsaw funded by the Erasmus + agency.

The FOEBE programme is composed of 8 modules:

  • Introduction of the bioeconomy
  • Accelerated entrepreneurship
  • Design thinking, creativity and innovative products
  • Knowledge management
  • Business management and finance
  • Leadership and execution
  • Marketing
  • Digitalization and the bioeconomy

Applications open on 10 October, and close on 14 November 2022.

To apply, just fill in this form! For more information, please contact

Need eSupport? Visit

eServices – is a solution combining the various customer service channels into one whole. In this bulletin, we will tell you about the eServices mainly from IT Services’ and eLearning Support Services’ – Oppitupa and Oppari – points of view.

With eServices, you can

  • read acute and current announcements as well as news concerning UEF digital services.
  • use self-service and search for answers to your problems in “tips and tricks” – please note that Heimo (sign with UEF account) and Kamu are also full of instructions.
  • submit orders, service requests and applications using digital forms.
  • speed up the processing of your case by choosing the corresponding service.
  • report IT issues (such as connectivity, usage rights, …) – report all the details of how and where the issue appears and copy the whole error message, if possible.
  • submit a question or a service request for other UEF services, if you can’t find an answer in Heimo’s or Kamu’s instructions.
  • follow the status of your request, discuss the issue, submit additional information and get IT professional’s point of view.

If you are unable to login to eServices, you can contact IT Services or eLearning Support Services by

  • Using the IT Services chat to contact customer service or an IT professional.
  • Visiting our customer service desk on campus.
  • Sending an email to servicedesk.
  • Calling customer service on the phone.

Instructions, contact info and opening hours:

Support Model for Digital Services: Level 0 / Self-Service; Level 1 / Servicedesk and Oppari; Level 2 / UEF's Internal Specialists; Level 3 / External Operators.

Free physical activity counselling for students

SYKETTÄ Kuopio University Sports Services’ new physical activity counselling service offers free and low-threshold individual counselling and support for students who do not exercise enough for their health and well-being, or who need advice on how to become more active in their everyday lives, or support in starting physical activity.

Physical activity counselling consists of a maximum of five meetings with a physical activity counsellor. The content of the meetings is planned according to the client’s wishes and objectives. The aim of the counselling is to help the client to find a way of moving that they like and to increase their well-being in everyday life.

The service is intended for students of the University of Eastern Finland, and it does not require a SYKETTÄ sticker.

If you’re interested in service, please contact physical activity counsellor Saija: 044 7856832 or

Read more about this service:

Data protection records: