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YUFE Language Help Desk to the rescue! [article]

How to translate a thesis abstract or an article from Finnish into English or vice versa? Do I use Finnish or English grammar correctly? Can I express myself properly in my interactions with a foreign culture? University students, staff, and just about everyone else, sometimes need a helping hand with small translations and occasional language […]

University of Eastern Finland offers virtual help-desk services [article]

The University of Eastern Finland has opened virtual YUFE Help Desks, where students in various fields, with the support of their instructors, answer citizens’ questions and advise them in Finnish and English. The free helpdesks are part of the YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) Alliance and can be found at The […]

Academic community touched by war – how to get help and support? [article]

Katri Ruth, Study Psychologist at the University of Eastern Finland, shares advices how we can foster compassion in our community and alleviate tensions, both of the body and of the mind, during the war events in Ukraine. “Fostering compassionate interaction as part of our work and study culture is particularly important right now. Communicating encouragement […]

We will help you to succeed in information retrieval! Book an appointment with an information specialist or come to Neuvola [article]

Are you writing a research paper, thesis or dissertation and need to enhance your information retrieval skills? Book an appointment with an information specialist is a free of charge (max 60 minutes) service of individual guidance for UEF students and staff members and KUH staff members. It is also possible to gather a group of […]

Providers of help [page]

The exceptional situation, for example coronavirus situation and Russia’s military attack on Ukrain, can cause negative feelings, such as concern, anxiety, or fear. But you don’t need to be alone with your thoughts. If you want to discuss or need help, you can always turn to us with a very low threshold. From this website […]

Consultation from study psychologist in June [article]

Are you struggling with summer studies? Would you like some support from the study psychologist? During the month of June it is possible to discuss any worries you may have with our study psychologist intern Katja. Send a contact request via SMS to the number +358 50 575 9687. Click here to read more about […]

New operating models on how to provide early support and act in consequence to inappropriate behavior at UEF [article]

New operating models have been developed to help teachers and other staff members: one for early support when concerns arise about student’s behavior and another to identify and act in consequence to student’s inappropriate behavior. In addition, the previous operating model of inappropriate treatment and harassment in studies will be updated this year. The new […]

Application period for the YUFE Student Journey continues until 26 May [article]

Due to Easter Break and need for more time to submit applications, the application period for YUFE Student Journey continues until 26 May 2022. The YUFE Student Journey offers you the opportunity to create your own learning path and broaden your European horizon. Virtual participation is also possible!  Flexibility, diversity, inclusivity and self-directed learning paths […]