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Student housing [page]

both international and Finnish students is offered by Joensuun Elli, an independent Student Housing Company. Joensuun Elli has several housing units located in different parts of Joensuu and provides housing

Kela financial aid for students [page]

Kela financial aid for studies is available to Finnish citizens. Finanacial aid is available in the form of study grant, government guarantee for a student loan and housing supplement. Visit…

Other social benefits for students [page]

…commonly, students apply for a daily allowance under the Health Insurance Act, general housing allowance, compensation of doctor’s fees (if they have visited a private medical centre), and family benefits,…

Funding your studies abroad [page]

…the normal study grant from Kela for the exchange period. The housing supplement is normally a fixed amount, but can be smaller for some countries with lower level of rent….

Checklist for new students [page]

…residence permit and if needed apply for one immediately. Apply for housing as soon as possible. Get an insurance. Plan your travelling schedule and arrival. Keep in touch with your…

Student_Exchange_UEF_April2018 [pdf]

…often provide housing information. You usually get housing information after having received a letter of acceptance from the host university. Study the material carefully and follow the instructions. Sometimes you…

Student tutoring [page]

…to the University of Eastern Finland. The tutors will help you to familiarise yourself with everyday routines (studying, shopping, housing) and show you around the town and the university campus….