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We are looking for students to participate in a unique, communal housing experiment [article]

Would you be interested in communal housing? We are looking for University of Eastern Finland students to participate in a communal housing experiment that will take place in Kuopas’ apartments in Kuopio in the autumn semester 2021. We offer you: A travel card valid on Kuopio City buses and/or the right to use a city […]

Remember to apply for student financial aid and housing allowance (KELA announcement 9.6.2020) [article]

Were you granted a place of study? Remember to apply for student financial aid and housing allowance New students should apply for student financial aid and general housing allowance in time. Student financial aid and housing allowance are applied for on separate applications. New students can apply for student financial aid when the place of […]

Student housing [page]

The student housing is offered by independent, non-profit student housing companies, that are not part of the University of Eastern Finland. They offer accommodation in different parts of the city but no on-campus dormitories are available. As an exchange student you can apply for housing as soon as you have received the official Letter of […]

Support for studies and well-being during summer [article]

The Finnish Student Health Service operates normally during summertime. Ohjaamos are one-stop guidance centres that operate in over 70 cities around Finland. You can get support regarding your well-being, studying, employment and housing. Generally, you can walk in without a prior appointment. You can find the contact information of your local Ohjaamo here. Finnish Employment […]

Answer the Student Livelihood Survey and Win a Gift Card of 150 Euros! [article]

The student unions’ livelihood survey will examine students’ livelihood, employment and housing, as well as any changes regarding them. The survey generates relevant and up-to-date information on the financial status of university students across Finland. The survey responses will be utilised for the livelihood survey and in student representation. Your responses are valuable and will […]

Kela’s press release for Students: Return overpaid financial aid by the end of April [article]

If you want to voluntarily repay student financial aid for 2020, you must do this before the end of April 2021. If overpaid financial aid is not returned in time, it is collected back at 7.5% interest. Students whose income for 2020 exceeds a specified annual limit can voluntarily return overpaid study grant and student […]

Student in higher education, check that you meet the minimum credit requirements for financial aid [article]

Students in higher education should check the number of credits they earned in the previous academic year. Past financial aid payments can be returned voluntarily until 11 September 2020. Students in higher education who receive financial aid must earn at least 5 credits per month of financial aid and at least 20 credits per academic […]

An appeal for ISYY’s members: Vote in the Representative Council elections [article]

The Central Election Committee of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) appeals to every member of ISYY to vote in the Representative Council elections. By participating in the Representative Council elections, you can best influence the most important matters of your student life and take part in the decision-making. Don’t miss […]

Before departure – a checklist for exchange students [page]

Before returning back home Here you will find instructions on what to do before finishing your exchange with us and returning back home. Housing Give notice to end your student housing lease at least one FULL calendar month before you leave. For example if you wish to leave in May, please inform the housing company […]

Other social benefits for students [page]

The Finnish Social Security and it’s benefits are based on residency and it is defined by the Act respecting Residence-Based Social Security. Usually international students are not eligible for the Finnish Social Security system, as their residency in Finland is not considered permanent in nature. If you have a permanent dwelling and domicile in Finland […]