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New operating models on how to provide early support and act in consequence to inappropriate behavior at UEF [article]

New operating models have been developed to help teachers and other staff members: one for early support when concerns arise about student’s behavior and another to identify and act in consequence to student’s inappropriate behavior. In addition, the previous operating model of inappropriate treatment and harassment in studies will be updated this year. The new […]

How could UEF support entrepreneurship? Answer the survey & win movie tickets and product prizes! [article]

UEF Students, what kind of support UEF should give for entrepreneurship? Now is your chance to influence the entrepreneurship and innovation services! We want to find out how we can support and promote the encounter of entrepreneurial minded and interested students in our university community. We are also exploring how you think the university can […]

Motivation Wednesday – support for English speaking students and researchers [article]

Feeling low or overwhelmed? Can’t find motivation to study? Procrastination is getting the better of you? Or simply, feeling lonely? Maybe in Motivation Wednesday you can find the support you need?Following the success and popularity among the students of the ‘Tsemppihetki’ (introduced just in the spring 2022), the UEF wants to offer a similar support […]

Support for students and studying arrangements related to the war in Ukraine [page]

Russia’s military attack on Ukraine is causing concern in the UEF community. At the same time, the international sanctions against Russia affect the studying arrangements of the university. This website contains information about support channels for students, arrangements related to studying and useful links to sources of information. The university has set up a team […]

Academic community touched by war – how to get help and support? [article]

Katri Ruth, Study Psychologist at the University of Eastern Finland, shares advices how we can foster compassion in our community and alleviate tensions, both of the body and of the mind, during the war events in Ukraine. “Fostering compassionate interaction as part of our work and study culture is particularly important right now. Communicating encouragement […]

UEF expresses support for Ukrainian students and staff members [article]

The University of Eastern Finland condemns Russia’s military action in Ukraine and expresses its support for Ukrainian students and staff members. The University of Eastern Finland is an international and multicultural community with students and staff members representing over 100 nationalities. The recent events in Ukraine are causing concern within our community. There are Ukrainian […]

Peer counsellors have had support discussions with over 150 students – don’t hesitate to reach out! [article]

UEF’s trained peer counsellors sent out a text message and an e-mail at the beginning of February. Peer counsellors have now contacted most students who left a contact request. Discussions have focused a lot on mental health, study-related stress and well-being. The peer counsellors have helped students find further support from within the university as […]

Support for difficult situations [page]

Violations against the responsible conduct of research Violations against the responsible conduct of research include research misconduct (fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, misappropriation) and disregard for the responsible conduct of research (e.g. denigrating the role of other researchers in publications, manipulating authorship, self-plagiarism, or careless reporting of research results). If there is reason to suspect a violation […]

Peer-support from Student2Student during remote studying [article]

Does remote studying feel exhausting? Does it feel hard to get a grip on your studies? Do you want to talk to someone about something that is bothering you? Student2Student peer-counsellors are here for you even during remote studying. Student2Student is a peer-counselling service for students at the University of Eastern Finland. The peer counsellors […]

Support to EU career [page]

EU Career Do you want to have an interesting and challenging job in an international environment? Do you want your job to be dynamic and to affect the life of over 500 million people? Do you want to improve your occupational skills? The European Union offers a wide variety of work for experts in any […]