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We will help you to succeed in information retrieval! Book an appointment with an information specialist or come to Neuvola

Are you writing a research paper, thesis or dissertation and need to enhance your information retrieval skills? Book an appointment with an information specialist is a free of charge (max 60 minutes) service of individual guidance for UEF students and staff members and KUH staff members. It is also possible to gather a group of students at the same stage of studies and make an appointment for small group guidance. Reflecting on things together with fellow students can be very productive! Fill in the form and suggest a suitable time for the guidance and we will contact you by email. Distance guidance is also available with the Skype for Business software by choosing the ‘Distance guidance online’ option on the form.

Explore the Guidance and open study materials sites on the library’s home page. You will find the library’s discipline-specific databases and information specialists here. Please also note the discipline-specific information retrieval courses arranged by the UEF Library.

At the Joensuu Campus Library, there is a new easily accessible guidance space called Neuvola. You can just stop by at the Joensuu Campus Library and get immediate help to your information retrieval. Group guidance is also available. Neuvola is open from Mon-Fri 11.30am-1.30pm.

Carelia 24/7 contract form has gone online

UEF students and staff members can access the Joensuu Campus Library’s first floor facilities outside regular opening hours.

You can borrow course books using a self-check machine, return books via the returning machine, use computers, work, study, print, copy and scan documents. Apply for the Carelia 24/7 access badge by filling in the contract form online Identity and access rights. After your application has been approved, come to the library to sign the contract and to pay the access badge deposit fee of 40 €.

You will get the access badge from the Facilities Management’s Key Services by providing them the signed contract, receipt of deposit payment and filled in and printed out application for keys and access badges form (pdf).

Please note! The correct addresses are in page Self-study facilities

MOT Dictionaries now for your phone!

The library has acquired MOT Mobile Online, a mobile-optimized version of MOT Online. In addition to your computer, you can now use MOT dictionaries conveniently on your phone or tablet.

To access MOT Mobile Online, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Create a user account by clicking the MOT User Account –icon on the top right-hand corner of the MOT Online main window. Use uef- or kuh-email address. You can find MOT Online at UEF-FINNA:
  2.  Follow the instructions of the service and confirm your account creation by clicking the link you get to your email.
  3. Navigate with your mobile device to and log in to MOT Mobile Online with your MOT username.

Video instructions on YouTube: (2.36 min)

More information  kirsi.salm [at]

Login to Ellibs e-books changes 2nd of October

As of Tuesday 2nd of October 2018, to borrow Ellibs e-books you only need to log in to the service with your personal University of Eastern Finland user account (Haka Login). You will no longer need a separate Ellibs account. Despite the change, books currently on loan will remain so until the end of the loan period. However, old Ellibs accounts, information on previous loans and browsing history will disappear after the change. On Tuesday morning, there will be a short break in the access to Ellibs e-books in the UEF Finna.

For more information: acquisitions [at]

About phishing

Beware of any, even a little bit suspicious emails. Notice that the emails can come from addresses belonging to UEF staff or students. Do NOT click any links or give your username and password even if the page seems to be valid. Usually the address of the webpage reveals that the page is not a valid UEF-page (eg.
If you are not sure about the validity of the email, please contact IT Services: abuse [at]

If you get a phishing email:
1. If you don’t see a similar message in Yammer, forward the example message to abuse [at]
2. Delete the message without clicking any links

If you have clicked the links or have suspicions regarding your information safety:
1. Change your UEF-password to a NEW one in or by visiting the Servicedesk with your ID in Carelia library or Canthia 2nd floor
2. If you cannot send messages to external addresses, please be in contact with servicedesk [at] Microsoft has then banned you as a spammer
3. The phishers have also created rules to the Inbox: you can delete the rules from the settings of the mail or ask for help from the Servicedesk

Language Café

Hei, Hello, Terve, Labas, Annyeonghaseyo, Bonjour, Buongiorno, Buenos Días, Salam, Marhaba, Dobri Dien, Guten Tag, Labrīt!, G’day Mate!

Each semester Joensuu is filled with people from all over the World, so why not use this great opportunity to learn, practice and find out more about a foreign language?

In a language cafe, your peers and friends are your teachers and at the same time, they can be your students. All the learning is done in a casual environment and at a time or place of your choosing.

Starting this semester, you can also earn credit points by either attending or organizing a language cafe (UEF students only). More info will be available during the first gathering.

At this first meeting, we will gather the groups for different language cafes. So if you are interested in learning or teaching a language, don’t miss this opportunity.

What? ESN Joensuu “Language Cafe Autumn 2018″
Where? E200, Educa Building, Tulliportinkatu 1
When? Monday 17th September at 4:30 pm (16:30)
Price? FREE