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The Student’s Desktop OPPI opens on 29 November 2021 at 12 pm

The November service break will end soon when OPPI, the Student’s Desktop in Peppi, opens on Monday 29 November 2021 at 12 pm. You can login to Peppi with your UEF account at or through the shortcut on the KAMU Tools page.

On the Student’s Desktop, you can, for example, plan your studies, register for course units, monitor your study attainments, and order certificates (transcripts of records and study certificates) digitally signed by the university.

The timetable programme Lukkarikone opened on 25 October. You can find it at and login with your UEF account.

Support for using Peppi

User support will be provided to help students when Peppi comes into use.

  • The Peppi Handbook provides a lot of information on Peppi and how to use it. On the Students page of the Handbook (login with UEF account) you can find user instructions, previously published newsletters, and the recordings and slides of earlier info sessions. Remember the FAQ page as well! Note that to read the Handbook, you need to login with your UEF account.
  • Peppi-Helppi is open 29 November – 3 December from 12:15 pm to 1 pm (12.15-13.00) and on Tuesday 7 December from 4:15 pm to 5 pm (16.15-17.00) on Zoom. Ask for help online in Finnish or in English!
  • The Peppi support email helps with topics related to using Peppi at With questions about your study attainments, please contact
  • With problems regarding the Peppi PSP, please contact your amanuensis or PSP instructor.
  • You can find current news about Peppi in the Peppi Yammer group (login with your UEF account).

Upcoming info sessions and events

There are still some more info sessions and events related to the Peppi deployment and using Peppi coming up before the end of the year. Join us!

  • Peppi in use – info session on Thursday 2 December from 3 pm to 4 pm (15.00-16.00) on Zoom.
  • The Peppi Road Show during weeks 48 & 49 on both campuses. Come along and ask about Peppi and try your luck spinning the wheel of Peppi! The event schedules will be announced in the Peppi Yammer group.
  • PSP clinics about the technicalities of the Peppi PSP in Finnish on Zoom on Tuesday 11 January from 3:15 pm to 4 pm (15.15-16), in English on Wednesday 12 January from 3:15 pm to 4 pm (15.15-16) and in Finnish on Monday 17 January from 3:15 pm to 4 pm (15.15-16).

What will change with Peppi?

Student number

In Peppi, a student has a single student profile but might have several study rights. E.g., a student could have a master’s degree study right and a doctoral degree study right or an exchange student’s study right. Each study right has its own study right number. The Peppi study right number is not the same number that was your student number in WebOodi.

PSP, i.e., personal study plan

In Peppi, the PSP is a more central tool than before. A base PSP has been created for you, and you can edit it immediately once Peppi is in use. You can add minor subjects and other optional studies to your PSP but cannot reorganise the PSP or delete studies from it. If you notice that the base PSP attached to your study right is incorrect, contact your amanuensis or PSP instructor.

The PSP contains all of the compulsory studies of your target degree. The studies you have completed have already either been placed into the PSP or have fallen outside of the PSP structure. Your PSP instructor can move the studies from the outside into the PSP structure. It is also possible that some of your studies might have transferred to another one of your study rights. Make sure to check all of your study rights!

Course unit registration

Registering for course units is done through the PSP. The Course Registrations page will automatically show the courses (i.e., course units) for which registrations are open for the study units in your PSP. Through your PSP, you can also search for available teaching for course units that are not in your PSP.

Help, I cannot find all of the studies I have completed in Peppi?

Your study attainments have not disappeared, but they may have been attached to another one of your study rights in the data transfer. Click on your name on the upper corner of the screen to see your other possible study rights. Study attainments that have been attached to the wrong study right can be transferred to another study right (e.g., from an exchange student’s study right to a master’s degree study right). In these situations, please contact your amanuensis or PSP instructor.

Please note that there will be a backlog in saving study attainments once Peppi is in use. Studies completed during the November service break will be saved in Peppi by the end of December. Please wait patiently, it might take until the end of the year for all your study attainments to be saved in Peppi. If necessary, please contact

What on earth, I have too many credits!

In some situations, the credit points of your completed study modules might appear to have doubled. The issue is being corrected along with reorganizing PSPs. You do not need to worry about this, but the issue does need to be rectified. If you are about to graduate, contact your amanuensis or PSP instructor immediately.

Study right duration in Peppi

In some cases, the durations of study rights might differ from the duration shown in WebOodi. This is because Peppi interprets study right durations slightly differently to WebOodi. Do not worry, the deviating data is constantly being corrected. However, if necessary, please contact

Student financial aid and completed degrees

Graduating bachelor’s degree students: You can apply for student financial aid for master’s degree studies in the Kela e-service with a notice of changes to student financial aid even if your bachelor’s degree is not saved in Peppi at the very start of December.

Graduating master’s and doctoral degree students: If you receive student financial aid and complete your master’s degree or doctoral degree, you must notify Kela that you have graduated. The easiest way to do this is in the Kela e-service.

You can find more information on student financial aid in the October Peppi info session slide show (login with UEF account) and Zoom recording (login with UEF account). Apply for changes to your student financial aid in the Kela e-service.

In a hurry?

In December, priority is given to fixing any issues with graduating students’ studies. The focus will be on other students a little later.

Student’s to do list

  • Take your time getting to know Peppi. Many things look different or are located in a different place in Peppi.
  • Check the PSP that has been formed for you and edit it. Some study attainments might not have been affixed correctly in the data transfer. If you are about to graduate and notice that some study attainments have been attached to the wrong study right, contact your amanuensis or PSP instructor. When you start updating your PSP for the first time:
    • Find your latest accepted PSP in WebOodi.
    • Compare the PSP that has been formed for you in Peppi to your latest accepted PSP in WebOodi.
    • If there are minor subjects or optional studies missing from the PSP that has been created for you, you can add them.
    • If you are about to graduate, book a study guidance appointment as soon as possible. Your amanuensis or PSP instructor can reorganize your PSP.
  • Register for course units if your registrations have not transferred from WebOodi or the registrations have been reopened in Peppi.
  • Be patient and wait for study attainments received during the November service break to be saved in the register. The backlogged study attainments will be saved as soon as possible, but not all studies can be saved at the start of December.
  • Remember to mention your study right number when you contact your instructor or the Peppi support.

Keep calm and use Peppi!

UEF-Digistartti will be available until 31st July, 2022!

UEF-Digistartti version 2021-2022 will be available until 31st July, 2022 (

Digistartti will be updated for the new academic year during next summer and the updated version 2022-2023 will be available starting 1st of August, 2022.

Updated info on Digistartti in Kamu:

Traditional Christmas Coffee for staff and students 8 December 2021 at 2 p.m.

The traditional Rector´s Christmas Coffee for the staff and students on the Joensuu Campus will be served on Wednesday, 8 December, at 2 p.m. in the lobby of the Carelia building. 


Welcoming Words
Rector Jukka Mönkkönen

Christmas carols performed by the University of Eastern Finland Choir Joy, conducted by Mari-Annika Heikkilä

Chydenius: Joululaulu

Gritton: Follow that star

Jenkins: We wish you a Merry Christmas 



Traditional Christmas party for staff and students 15 December 2021 at 2.15 p.m.

Traditional Christmas party for staff and students on the Kuopio Campus will be held on Wednesday, 15 December, starting at 14.15. Christmas Party moved online due to the coronavirus situation. Join the party in the address


Welcoming Words
Rector Jukka Mönkkönen

Children’s Choir
Class 4 B, Haapaniemi School
Choir Director: Sonja Koskela

UEF Kuopio Student Choir
Choir Director: Richard Nicholls

Songs in the spirit of Christmas
Meri Maukonen vocals, Pekka Toivanen saxophone, Jarkko Maukonen piano 

Word for Christmas
Joensuu Campus Chaplain Tiina Belov

Most Beautiful Christmas Songs
Accompaniment by Cantor Jarkko Maukonen


Are you a Master or PhD student interested in bioeconomy and entrepreneurship?

Boost your curriculum with additional modules: moocs, quizzes, and face-to-face sessions during an intensive study week on 20-24 June, 2022 in Bologna.

Apply to the program by December 10, 2021.

Core modules

– Introduction to bioeconomy

– Accelerated sustainable entrepreneurship

– Design thinking, creativity and innovative products

– Knowledge management

– Business management and finance

– Leadership and execution, human resources

– Marketing

– Introduction to digitalization

Foebe add-on modules will be worth a total of 3 ects.

Modules will start in January 2022 and the mandatory study week (face-to-face sessions and hackathons) will be held on June 20-24, 2022 in Bologna. This week is funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

The training programme is designed for Master and PhD students.

You can apply now!

If you are interested, contact us for more information by email at or

To apply you will need to submit a short and inspiring video explaining why you want to study in the FOEBE program by Jan 0, 2022, 12 pm.

For more information check out our page on the European Bioeconomy University website or find us in LinkedIn!

About foebe

Our vision:

To encompass all dimensions of the bioeconomy from an European common approach by creating training programmes adapted to the needs of bioeconomy and develop its full potential. To do so, we foster innovative pedagogical practices to equip young professionals with sustainable entrepreneurship skills.

Our mission:

To provide bioeconomy students with sustainable entrepreneurship skills to speed up the European expansion of the bioeconomy sector.

Our partnership:

Agroparistech, France

University of Bologna, Italy

University of Eastern Finland, Finland

University of Hohenheim, Germany

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria

Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands

Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

Foebe project takes part of the EBU alliance (European Bioeconomy University).

Answer ISYY’s Communications Questionnaire 2021!

How does the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland’s (ISYY) communications work and does it reach you? What kinds of things would you like ISYY to communicate about in the future and what channels to use? How would you develop ISYY’s communications?

Answer ISYY’s Communications Questionnaire and tell us! By answering the questionnaire, you can influence how we communicate now and in the future. The questionnaire is targeted at all our members and we wish that many of you will answer it.

The questionnaire is open till 29.11.2021 12:00 pm (noon). Answering the questionnaire will take approximately 10–15 minutes.

If you want, you can submit your email address at the end of the questionnaire and participate in a raffle of two “Straight outta Itä-Suomi” canvas bags.

Answer the questionnaire: ISYY’s Communications Questionnaire

More information about the questionnaire and the raffle can be found on ISYY’s website.

Call for Applicants: Become an Executive Board Member for 2022!

Are you ready to spend the best year of your studies? Do you want to gain valuable experience for working life? Are you interested in significant personal growth as you take the role of an employer for one year? What about promoting students’ welfare on a national level?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, apply for the Student Union’s Executive Board for the year 2022!

The application period is 4.11.–21.11.2021.

The Executive Board for the year 2022 is selected at the Student Union Representative Council’s meeting on 1.12.2021.

The Executive Board will organise Board info session on 16 November 2021 at 4.30 pm, in which the Board’s activities and duties are explained in more detail.

You will find the application announcement, instructions for applying and a link to the Board info session on ISYY’s website.

“I wouldn’t have progressed with my thesis without this”

Library lessons to support study and research

  • A solid foundation and new initiatives
  • Academic year 2020–2021 entirely online
  • Learning the right things at the right time
  • Online and on campus

Read the blog post about the feedback we’ve received on teaching and guidance.

“This course gave me the feeling that I can always contact the UEF Library when doing research, and help is available.”