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Working, studying and communicable diseases in the university’s facilities

Communicable diseases refer to respiratory infections, various poxes and stomach flu, for example. 

You may work on campus only when you are healthy. If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or, for example, stomach flu, stay home. Contact your supervisor or teacher responsible for your course about your absence from work or, if your condition allows, about your switch to remote work.

Returning to campus after illness:

If your infection is not caused by the coronavirus, you can return to the campus once your symptoms have subsided and your coronavirus test (e.g., an at-home test) is negative. 

After a positive coronavirus test, you can return to the campus when you are without symptoms or when your doctor has given you permission to return.

Being without symptoms means, according to THL’s definition that you have no fever and the other symptoms are clearly in decline. If the only symptom is a change in your sense of smell or taste or an irritative cough, there is no need to continue isolation. 

Physical activity tests for the students and staff members in Joensuu

SYKETTÄ Joensuu organizes physical activity tests for the students and staff members of the the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences on Tuesday 15.3.2022 at 3pm-5pm in Joensuu Areena. Test day is open for both students and staff members.

Due to the current corona situation, it is only possible to perform either the 2-km walk test or Cooper’s test this spring. We try to avoid close contact and maintain the safety distances, so muscular strength and mobility tests won’t be performed this spring. Walk test and Cooper’s test measure cardiorespiratory fitness.

Group size is 30 participants. SYKETTÄ sticker isn’t required to participate. The enrollment is binding. When enrolling, please let us know your age and are you going to perform a walk test or Cooper’s test. Enrollments by Friday 4.3.2022.

Enrollment and more information:

For your information: The Finnish Defence Forces and agencies will complete defence exercises together in Northern Karelia from 26.2 to 5.3. – The exercises are a part of regular inter-agency cooperation

The Finnish Defence Forces and local agencies will exercise together in Northern Karelia on 26.2.-5.3. The exercises are part of the Defence Forces’ and the region’s agencies’ joint local defence exercises, which take place every two years. The exercises are not connected to the war in Ukraine, but they are a part of regular cooperation between agencies. Finland’s leadership has stated that Finland is not facing a military threat now.

The exercises will take place in Northern Karelia between 26.2-5.3. around Joensuu, Liperi, Juuka, Tohmajärvi and Kitee. There will also be exercises in other parts of Finland.

More soldiers and military vehicles than normal will be visible on Joensuu’s streets until Friday, 4.3. Approximately 340 people from the Defence Forces and 40 vehicles will participate in the exercises. Individual exercises may involve the use of blank ammunition that does not pose a threat to bystanders but will cause some noise. The exercises will involve flight operations on Wednesday, 2.3.

During the exercises, the on-call number 0299 451 964 will be available for residents to contact.

UEF expresses support for Ukrainian students and staff members

The University of Eastern Finland condemns Russia’s military action in Ukraine and expresses its support for Ukrainian students and staff members.

The University of Eastern Finland is an international and multicultural community with students and staff members representing over 100 nationalities. The recent events in Ukraine are causing concern within our community.

There are Ukrainian students, doctoral researchers and staff members in our academic community, and the university will contact them to offer support. We wish to express our support to them and their families, and to everyone in our academic community who are concerned about the events in Ukraine. More than ever, we need to stand together despite our roots and backgrounds and offer our support to those in need.

The university has set up a team to coordinate actions resulting from the situation in Ukraine and is preparing support measures.

Support is available to students and staff members. A list of providers of help for students is available in Kamu, and staff members may turn to the occupational healthcare provider, Terveystalo.

For further information, please contact:

Rector Jukka Mönkkönen, University of Eastern Finland,

Director of Administration Tuomo Meriläinen, University of Eastern Finland,

Problem with the SPSS licenses for home computers

University of Eastern Finland has a contract with a software provider that delivers the licenses from IBM for SPSS. We are still waiting for the home computer licenses ordered in January.

During the wait, SPSS can be used in two ways:

1. On the campus computers 

2. Via Windows Virtual Desktop on your own computer, either install the app or use via a browser 

The Windows Virtual desktop acts like a virtual desktop of a campus computer. More information on how to deploy Windows Virtual Desktop in Heimo (login by using UEF-username):

Did you know that you can return books by mail as well?

You can send books to the P. O. Box addresses of libraries at your own risk. It is noteworthy that the books should be sent from the Post Office. The library does not have a mobile phone number for arrival notices, so the package cannot be sent online. Mailed books are distributed directly to campus. 

UEF students, develop your study and working-life skills in online trainings!

Uef Hyvinvoinnin Avaimia -logo

University of Eastern Finland provides its staff and students with online trainings, which help to develop the most essential study and working-life skills.

“Keys to Well-being – 5 Steps towards Future Work Skills” online trainings are designed to improve self-management skills, which are increasingly important in the changing world of work and study. Transformation of work requires new skills and competences: time and self-management skills, resilience and adaptability, collaboration skills, new ways of thinking, taking care of well-being and finding meaning in our work.

The online trainings consist of short videos as well as in-depth trainings. The trainings can be accessed flexibly at any time that suits you. They are free of charge to UEF staff and students, and they are available until January 31, 2023. The trainings can be accessed by logging into Moodle with your UEF-account: Keys to Wellbeing – 5 Steps towards Future Work Skills

The trainings are based on research. The expert group of Academy of Brain, consisting of members such as Psychologist, PhD Ville Ojanen, Executive Coach Jarmo Manner, and Professor Minna Huotilainen, is responsible for the content of the trainings.

Welcome to develop future work skills!

Further information:

Anne Kauppinen, HR specialist,

Virva Pietarinen, HR specialist,

Heidi Honkanen, HR trainee,