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Wellbeing Week 2.-7.10.2023

The purpose of the upcoming Wellbeing Week is to offer UEF students and staff a well-being programme throughout the week. This year, the theme of the week is to add breaks and activity to everyday life.

The programme of the Wellbeing Week has been published on ISYY’s webpage (opens in a new window). In addition to many events and occasions you can find there for example WellbeingAppro 2023 guidelines for participation and also instructions how to get morning porridge for only 1 € in Aura, Futura, Snellmania ad Canthia campus restaurants at 7:45-9 am throughout the whole Wellbeing Week.

And, did you know, that Break Pro break exercise program is now available free of charge for UEF students and staff? The programme is available in 11 languages. Read more here!

Welcome to join us!

Nationwide selection of doctoral courses expands – already 11 universities involved

Finnish universities are intensifying their collaboration in doctoral education. A nationwide selection of doctoral courses (DoC) was launched in February 2023, with Hanken School of Economics, the University of Turku and the University of Vaasa now joining the network of partner universities, which already includes Aalto University, the University of Eastern Finland, the University of Jyväskylä, the University of Lapland, LUT University, the University of Oulu, Tampere University and Åbo Akademi University.

The expansion of the network offering doctoral courses further diversifies and increases the number of courses available to all doctoral researchers who have a doctoral study right in one of the partner universities. Now, doctoral researchers from an increasing number of universities can take jointly offered courses.

“The University of Turku decided to join the network in order to boost academic collaboration in doctoral education. Opening our selection of courses and engaging in closer collaboration will benefit doctoral researchers across Finland. The nationwide selection of doctoral courses also enhances young researchers’ opportunities to take the courses that best support their own research and competence development in a timely fashion. The University of Turku Graduate School UTUGS is also interested in developing the nationwide selection of doctoral courses in an increasingly systematic and coordinated direction on one hand to remove unnecessary overlaps and on the other hand to fill any possible gaps,” says Professor Pirjo Nuutila, Director of the University of Turku Graduate School.

The nationwide selection of doctoral courses includes discipline-specific courses as well as courses related to research methodology. Courses are offered in Finnish, Swedish and English. Most courses can be attended remotely or online. Find the selection of doctoral courses and course contents at:

The partner network, and the agreement on educational cooperation between them, are coordinated by the University of Eastern Finland.

“We are delighted about the expansion of the network and about the increasing number of courses available to doctoral researchers. This is a wonderful example of smooth nationwide collaboration in doctoral education,” says Head of Academic Affairs Kaisa Laitinen of the University of Eastern Finland.

For further information, please contact:

Kaisa Laitinen, Head of Academic Affairs, University of Eastern Finland,, tel. +358 50 432 7573

Autumn 2023 Sports afternoon on 4.10.2023

Sports afternoon advertisement.

SYKETTÄ Sports Afternoon will be held on Wednesday 4 October 2023 in Joensuu and Kuopio. The UEF, Karelia UAS and Savonia UAS hold a sports afternoon together, and by the decision of the university rectors, the sports afternoon is lecture-free from 12:15 pm. SYKETTÄ Sports Services organizes the sports afternoon program, but no SYKETTÄ sticker is required to participate.

On sports afternoon, a wide variety of different exercise options are available both indoors and outdoors, and arranged by external partners. Some of them are free of charge, while others include a separate fee.

The sports afternoon program also includes all the classes on the SYKETTÄ sports calendar that day. To participate in classes and turns in sports calendar on sports afternoon, you don’t have to have a valid SYKETTÄ sticker, but you must be registered as a user and enroll in classes and turns.

The sports afternoon programme is now published! City-specific sports afternoon programs and enrollment schedules can be found on the following websites:

Welcome to information retrieval, both newcomers and old hands!

It is normal for you to look for textbooks, articles, and other publications at a suitable time whenever you need information. The Guide to Information Retrieval intended for all kinds of information searchers, so you can take advantage of the guide when it suits you.

The guide is not only a self-study package, but information retrieval teachers Jussi, Marika and Jaakko, for example, use it in their courses when appropriate. What kind of themes from the guide are covered within their courses?

Read more from the UEF Library’s blog.

Application period for YUFE Exchanges for spring 2024 starts today!

The application period is open from 11 September to 10 October 2023. The application period closes on Tuesday, 10 October, at 3:00 PM (15:00).

Degree students at the University of Eastern Finland may apply for student exchange at YUFE Alliance host universities for spring semester 2024. Students of all fields of study may apply, as long as the student meets one of the following criteria:

  1. The student has an active and ongoing YUFE Student Journey study right, OR
  2. The student has signed up to complete a YUFE Minor during the exchange

NB! Completing a YUFE Minor does not require having a YUFE Student Journey study right.

Please read more information about the YUFE Alliance and the call for applications on Kamu’s Study Abroad section!

NB! First-year bachelor students are not eligible to apply for exchange studies during their first year of study. Exchange studies are available to students beginning from the second year of study onwards.

Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies – New online resource available on educational sciences

Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies is an online resource that offers a systematic and comparative look at key education levels and the study of cognitive and psychosocial development through early childhood and youth.

Currently, the database contains more than 700 peer-reviewed independent or book articles and entire e-books. It is updated on a regular basis. Please find more information on the publisher’s website. You can access the materials through UEF Primo.

Progress of the maintenance work of the Joensuu Campus Library

Maintenance work has been carried out at the Joensuu Campus Library since August. Work will continue across the library for the rest of the year, and this will have temporary effects on moving in the facilities and the locations of the material. This may mean that there are alternative routes or that the location information in the Call Number Guide is slightly incorrect for a brief time. We will inform you about changes in more detail in the facilities so that the use of the library will be as smooth as possible also during maintenance work.

Liukula and Avola storage rooms are back in normal use. If you have any questions about changes caused by maintenance work, please contact our staff.

The university monitors careers of graduates

The university follows the careers of the graduates, e.g. with a career tracking survey. This year, the career tracking survey starts on 2 October 2023 and ends on 11 December 2023. The target group of the survey is those who have completed a Master’s degree in 2018 and those who completed their doctorate in 2020. The survey is carried out in cooperation with other universities as part of the Aarresaari network.

Why should you answer the survey? With the help of surveys, information is gathered about the academic labor market, the career paths of university graduates, and feedback about studies is collected. The information obtained is used in the guidance of current and future students (e.g. the Töissä.fi- service, which is said to be a particularly popular tool in high schools), in the development of curricula, and in studies about the working life of university graduates. The master’s career tracking survey is also part of the universities’ funding model, so the feedback is really important to the university.

Those who belong to the target group are approached by letter, e-mail or text message, so if you’ll received a contact, we really hope that you will respond to it! The results of previous years can be viewed e.g. Vipunen, maintained by the Board of Education. from the fi statistics service and the aforementioned Töissä.fi service. The University of Eastern Finland’s own results can also be found in Kamu (only in Finnish).

The last meters of the Kilometrikisa cycling competition until 30 September 2023

Kilometrikisa is a light-hearted cycling competition for workplaces, associations, clubs or any other teams. In Kilometrikisa every team member will record their cycling kilometers and the team with the highest number of kilometers will win.

SYKETTÄ Joensuu and Kuopio have their own teams. All UEF, Karelia UAS and Savonia UAS students and staff members are welcome to attend teams!

Come along and collect the kilometers of your own city! The cycled kilometers from past race days can also be marked retrospectively on the calendar. You can find city-specific instructions via the links below: