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Computer classrooms MP102 and MP103 in Joensuu and MD101 in Kuopio will open on 1 July 2020 [article]

The computer classrooms MP102 and MP103 in Joensuu, and MD101 in Kuopio, will be open to students from Wednesday, 1 July 2020, onwards. These computer classrooms are located in the Metria and Mediteknia buildings. Access to the computer classrooms is with an access badge only, and the university’s guidelines relating to safety and hygiene must […]

Short term loans for UEF laptop computers are now available [article]

There are 10 HP laptops and 2 iPads for short term loans available on both UEF campuses. The devices are meant to be borrowed only for a short term, up to 4 hours at a time. To borrow a device, register as a user for the Optima vending machine, located in the Joensuu university library and […]

The service desk of Oppar and the IT service in Joensuu will move to evasive areas [article]

Due to the renovation of the Joensuu campus library, the service desk of Oppari and the IT service will move to the evacuation space Agora AG103 on Mon-Tue 19-20 April 2021. The service counter is closed during the move. The service will be opened at Agora on Wed 21.4.2021. There are computers for students to […]

FSHS/ Lunchtime drop-ins: stress management during lunch breaks [article]

Taking breaks is really important for your energy levels and stress management. Your brain needs moments of rest in the midst of intensive studying. Do you find it hard taking breaks while studying remotely? Do you often have lunch alone at the computer? Are you constantly stressed? Feel you can’t cope? Attention wandering? Try it […]

Break exercise program is available also for students ! [article]

Break Pro break exercise program is still available free of charge for UEF students and staff! Break Pro is a professional break exercise program. It reminds to take breaks while working and provides break exercise guidance based on the latest exercise recommendations. The program includes over a hundred short break exercise videos, ranging from the traditional […]

Faculty of Science and Forestry: Instructions for publishing the dissertation [page]

Preparing your dissertation for printing You are responsible for preparing the dissertation for publication, and the layout in practice. It is recommended to use the layout template (Word or Latex) from the beginning of the dissertation writing process.  The new style sheet needs to be used in doctoral dissertations as of 1 January 2021. An […]

Tips for successful multi-location work at UEF [article]

Both staff and students work remotely and on campus. UEF has made tips for successful multi-location work that can also be utilized in studying. On campus, it is easy to agree on certain ground rules on respecting everyone’s right to a peaceful work environment and general matters that affect atmosphere at work. Multi-location work has introduced […]

Data protection guide for students [page]

Do you process personal data in your assignments or thesis? Personal data means all information relating to a natural person that makes it possible to directly or indirectly identify the person. Direct identifiers include a person’s name, personal identity code, photo, video footage, voice recording, email address containing the person’s name, and handwritten signature. A […]

Warning about fake phone calls from “Microsoft” [article]

During the last few days UEF users have received a large number of fake phone calls from people pretending to be from Microsoft or “Windows support”. The calls typically come from fake Finnish phone numbers and the callers speak poor English. The callers will usually claim that the user’s computer transmits harmful data communications. After […]