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Gentle reminder: personal items and computer area etiquette in the library [article]

We kindly remind you of following the library’s terms of use while using our facilities. Please remember that any personal items left unattended are considered lost property and will be handled by the university’s facility management officers. For those using our 24/7 self-service facilities, we advise to take your belongings with you when leaving. If […]

KUH Medical Library’s and Kuopio Campus Library’s customer computers out of use   [article]

Due to a maintenance break, the KUH Medical Library’s customer computers will not be available on Wed 25 Oct from 8 am to 12 noon, except for the hospital’s computers (2 pcs).  The computers of Kuopio Campus Library are not available from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Thursday 26 October.  During the breaks you […]

Problem with the SPSS licenses for home computers [article]

University of Eastern Finland has a contract with a software provider that delivers the licenses from IBM for SPSS. We are still waiting for the home computer licenses ordered in January. During the wait, SPSS can be used in two ways: 1. On the campus computers  2. Via Windows Virtual Desktop on your own computer, either […]

Computer classrooms MP102 and MP103 in Joensuu and MD101 in Kuopio will open on 1 July 2020 [article]

The computer classrooms MP102 and MP103 in Joensuu, and MD101 in Kuopio, will be open to students from Wednesday, 1 July 2020, onwards. These computer classrooms are located in the Metria and Mediteknia buildings. Access to the computer classrooms is with an access badge only, and the university’s guidelines relating to safety and hygiene must […]

Short term loans for UEF laptop computers are now available [article]

There are laptops for short term loans available on both UEF campuses. The devices are meant to be borrowed only for a short term, up to 4 hours at a time. To borrow a device, register as a user for the Optima vending machine, located in the Joensuu university library and the Kuopio Oppari facilities and […]

Zotero trainings on spring term [article]

Zotero reference management software training 13 February 2024 at 9-11 (Teams) Zotero reference management software training 22 March 2024 at 9-11 (Teams) Zotero reference management software training 24 April 2024 at 9-11 (Teams) Zotero reference management software training 29 May 2024 at 13-15 (Teams)

Thorium Reader is the new reading application for Ellibs books [article]

For those who use Ellibs on computer, it is now possible to download eBooks to Thorium Reader. Thorium Reader supports the open-source Readium LCP (Licensed Content Protection) protection method for eBooks. Thorium Reader has paid special attention to accessibility. The application has, for example, a built-in read aloud feature for eBooks and extensive options for […]

We are inviting applications for UEF Trainee positions for international degree students (UEF Trainee 2024 -programme) [article]

The aim of UEF Trainee -programme is to enhance employment possibilities of international degree students. In the programme, international degree students have a chance to work at UEF research groups or services, or at placements provided by collaborators for two months. During this period, international degree students will gain work experience in expert tasks and […]