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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Has Been Enabled With Shibboleth And Haka Services on 15 Aug 2022 [article]

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has efficiently reduced phishing of UEF user accounts and inflicted security breaches. All UEF user accounts use multi-factor authentication when logging into email and other O365 services (applies to staff members and comparable users, students, CCL students and external users). In order to guarantee information security, it is necessary to introduce MFA […]

Lukkarikone – Schedule Assistant [page]

Lukkarikone shows a student’s schedule and students can also create new ones. Teachers can also create schedules in Lukkarikone based on their teaching schedules. Lukkarikone retrievesinformation from Peppi, in other words, you cannot add implementations nor sign up for anycourses in Lukkarikone. You can browse through and plan schedules in Lukkarikone even before you have […]

A New version of BREAK PRO is now available for students [article]

Download the new version of the Break Pro break exercise training app! The old version no longer works and users will need to install the version from the software centre if they wish to continue using Break Pro. How to install Break Pro to your computer, UEF-student: Install the application from The BREAK PRO […]

Did you know that you can return books by mail as well? [article]

You can send books to the P. O. Box addresses of libraries at your own risk. It is noteworthy that the books should be sent from the Post Office. The library does not have a mobile phone number for arrival notices, so the package cannot be sent online. Mailed books are distributed directly to campus. 

Distance and online learning [page]

Distance learning means studying that is non-place-bound and may also be non-time-bound. Usually, the studying is partly or entirely online. Hybrid learning combines different forms of studying. In hybrid learning, teaching is both local and online. In distance learning, one’s own activity is very important. The ability to concentrate and schedule one’s own studies also plays an important […]

Printing, copying, and scanning [page]

Multifunctional printers You can print, copy and scan with the multifunctional printers found in Oppari self-study space, libraries and computer lecture rooms. The multifunctional devices are located in Joensuu in Carelia, Agora, Borealis, Educa, Futura, Metria, and Natura campus buildings, and in Kuopio in Oppari in Canthia and Snellmania Library: see Joensuu campus map ja […]

Microsoft 365 [page]

The Microsoft 365 service offered by the university includes e.g. e-mail, personal storage, co-working spaces, digital notebook, Office tools (also available for UEF students to download to their own mobile devices and computers) and a search center. New apps and tools are constantly added to the Microsoft 365 environment. A list of tools is provided […]

Zoom [page]

What is Zoom? Zoom is a remote meeting software that allows teaching and group work activities to happen across the Internet. Zoom has tools for sharing your desktop, phone screen, webcam and sound. Zoom runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Registration Registering an account for Zoom is not mandatory for students when you […]

Digital environment [page]

You can find digital environment for students, for example: Support Support channels to students Training and guidance