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Student exchange application period and info sessions

The next application period for outgoing student exchange opens 1-31 May 2022!

During the May application period, degree students at the University of Eastern Finland may apply for student exchange in the spring semester 2023. Exchange programmes available for application in this application period are Erasmus+, Nordlys, and bilateral exchange.

Students may apply for a total of 1 or 2 exchange places/host institutions. Please carefully read through the programme-specific calls for applications, which contain information about application deadlines and which host institutions are available for applying. The application will be compiled in the SoleMOVE system.

If you are applying for two (2) host institutions, the host institutions do not have to be from the same exchange programme. If you are applying placements in two separate exchange programmes (for example Erasmus+ and bilateral exchange), please note:

  • Specify which host institution is your first priority in your motivation letter. You may only be selected as a candidate for one.
  • The maximum number of host institutions per applicant is two. If you are applying to two exchange programmes, you may only select one host institution per programme.
  • If you are applying to host institutions in two separate exchange programmes, you will need to make two applications. You may use the same attachments for both applications.

For more information about student exchange, please see Kamu Databank’s Study Abroad section.

Upcoming info sessions

International Mobility Services is hosting two Zoom info sessions about student exchange in May. There will be general information about student exchange, exchange programmes, and the application process. The info session is open for all students regardless of subject.

The first info session will be in Finnish on Wednesday 11 May at 3-4 PM (15-16). The second info session will be in English and on Thursday 12 May at 3-4 PM (15-16). Links to the info sessions will be on the page Study Abroad Events. Welcome online!


Application period for the YUFE Student Journey continues until 26 May

Due to Easter Break and need for more time to submit applications, the application period for YUFE Student Journey continues until 26 May 2022.

The YUFE Student Journey offers you the opportunity to create your own learning path and broaden your European horizon. Virtual participation is also possible! 

Flexibility, diversity, inclusivity and self-directed learning paths are the fundamental values of the YUFE Student Journey. That is why the selection of courses and activities is extensive, offered in English or in the language of the local partner and the methods of delivery vary between physical, virtual or blended. 

Unlike a regular exchange, you have the opportunity to combine your academic endeavours with language courses, professional training and civic engagement. You will truly be a part of society, no matter where in Europe you are. 

Feel free to browse the YUFE catalogue on the YUFE Virtual Campus and find out what YUFE can offer within the YUFE Student Journey. 

YUFE offers: 

  • Academic courses in English 
  • Academic courses in the language of our partners (Spanish, Croatian, German, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, Polish and Greek) 
  • Language courses / Language tandems / Languages cafes 
  • Civic engagement activities (YUFE Help Desk / YUFE Community Volunteering Programme) 
  • Professional training activities (YUFE Challenge Teams / The YUFE Entrepreneurial Initiative including MOOCs, Talk Shows, Hackatons) 
  • YUFE Star System (Mobility Star / Language Star / Civic Star / Professional Star) 
  • YUFE Academy Lectures 
  • YUFE Induction Courses 

Application process 

The next YUFE Student Journey application round started on 4 April 2022. The application period is open until 26 May. We will allow a maximum of 40 students from each YUFE university to apply to become a YUFE student. 

Eligibility requirements:

  • Present degree student at UEF (Bachelor/Master/PhD) 
  • Bachelor´s degree students must have completed their first year. 
  • English skills at least B2 level 
  • Submit a language test result or complete a B2 level English course at UEF 
  • Proof is not required from students in UEF international degree programmes 

Students can apply by filling the application form on YUFE Student Portal. Applicants also add a motivation letter and proof of English language skills to their application and approve the co-creation agreement. 

When writing your motivation letter the following questions must be answered in a maximum of 150 words per question (about 450 words in total):  

  • What makes participation in YUFE important to you personally and what will you bring to YUFE?  
  • In which way do you think that the YUFE programme will alter your study experience? Provide some specific examples of changes that you expect to happen.  
  • What are your plans after graduating from your university and how can YUFE be instrumental in letting these plans come to fruition? 

The final decision will be communicated to students within 8 weeks at the latest. The application status is also visible on YUFE Virtual Campus in “Application Form” tab of “My Profile” page.  

For more information: or frequently asked questions about YUFE.

University of Eastern Finland to introduce digital degree certificates – what will change and why?

Young woman using laptop.tta kirjastossa.

The University of Eastern Finland will introduce digital degree certificates as of 1 August 2022. From that date on, traditional degree certificates printed out on paper will no longer be routinely issued.

The digital format makes it faster for students to get their certificate, easier to keep it safe, and better supports modern job-seeking. The digital format also makes it easier to manage and archive degree certificates at the university.

What changes from the perspective of students, staff members and job-seeking?

Overall, the degree certificate process will become faster, thanks to the workflow being digitalised for students and Student and Learning Services alike.

The digital format will also make it easier to keep the document safe, as a copy of the official digital certificate can be stored in multiple places. For the university, the digital format will facilitate the management and archiving of the degree certificates. At the same time, the challenges associated with sending degree certificates abroad by traditional mail will also be eliminated.

For students, job-seeking will become easier, thanks to a readily available digital degree certificate that can easily be used in modern, digital job-seeking processes.  

Digital degree certificates will be taken into use at the University of Eastern Finland as of 1 August 2022. The university is also preparing new, collective ways to celebrate students’ graduation each academic semester.

How can I get a digital degree certificate?

Just like before, students will continue to apply for their degree certificate via an electronic form available in e-Services. Guidelines on graduation and applying for the degree certificate are available to students in Kamu. Staff members, on the other hand, can find guidelines on the digital degree certificate in the Peppi manual.

The digital degree certificate includes a cover sheet in Finnish and in English, a transcript of the academic record in Finnish and in English, as well as a Diploma Supplement in English. The English-language degree certificate is a translation of the Finnish original. If a student so wishes, they can still request a black-and-white printed copy of their degree certificate.

Once their degree certificate is ready, students will get an email notification from the university, accompanied by instructions on where the degree certificate can be downloaded and how it should be stored. In the same email, students will receive some graduation-related images (with the hashtag #madeinuef on them), which can be shared on social media. More information on the social media images will be posted on the UEF Students group on Yammer.

If a student loses their digital degree certificate, they can request a new one from the university’s Registry Office (

For further information, please contact:

Miia Turtiainen, Director of Student and Learning Services,

Exceptions to Student and Learning Services’ customer service opening hours

Upcoming exceptions to opening hours

On Wednesday 27 April 2022, the Student and Learning Services’ customer service desk in Kuopio is closed. The email service and phone service are open as usual. The customer service desk in Joensuu is open normally.

Current opening hours

The Student and Learning Services’ customer service desk is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 am to 3 pm.

If you are unable to visit the customer service desk during these times, please contact us by email or phone, and we can set up a meeting for a different time.

Visiting address: Joensuu Aurora A, 1st floor; Kuopio Canthia, 2nd floor

Email address: (Please note that there might be delays in responses during vacation times)

Phone number: +358 (0)29 445 8900

Phone service: Mon-Fri from 10 am to 3 pm UTC +2

General mask recommendation lifted at UEF – masks may still be used according to personal discretion

The general recommendation to use masks has been lifted at the University of Eastern Finland with three exceptions, following the instructions issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). THL recommends the continued use of masks in public indoor spaces and public transport

  • for those seeking treatment or a test because of a suspicion of coronavirus infection
  • for those with symptoms of respiratory infection, who nevertheless have essential reasons to move outside their home
  • for those who know that they have been exposed to COVID-19 (for example, infections have been diagnosed in the family) and for whom close contact with outsiders cannot be avoided.

For those with symptoms, the primary recommendation is always to stay at home until the symptoms have passed. Despite the updated recommendations, each person may continue to use masks at their own discretion, for example, in indoor areas in which averting close contact is difficult.

THL press release: THL general mask recommendation is being lifted, but masks may still be used according to personal discretion

The library takes enhanced action to ensure quiet working conditions

We have continued to receive feedback on excess noise at the library.  The feedback concerns the Joensuu Campus Library in particular. According to the library’s Terms of use, the library user should behave in an orderly fashion within the library premises and refrain from disturbing other library users. Failure to comply with the library’s rules and regulations will result in a suspension for a fixed period of time. For example, by its own discretion, the library has the right to terminate the commitment agreement for use of 24/7 self-study facilities. 

If you listen to a lecture recording or music, use headphones. If you are doing teamwork or other voice-intensive work, use the group study spaces. You can also use the Olola space in Joensuu. It is a lounge where casual conversation is encouraged and it is located next to the library’s entrance. If you are unsure which facilities are suitable for your purpose, please ensure this from the library’s customer service.  

We will monitor the implementation of quiet working conditions in an intensified manner. We are working together within the University to address the problem. 

Applying for an extension to the study right

Dear Student,

Now is a good time to check whether you need to apply for an extension to your study right.

If your study right at the University of Eastern Finland is about to expire on 31 July 2022 and you wish to continue your studies, you have to apply for an extension by 31 May. You will not receive a separate reminder in your email.

You can check your study right(s) in Peppi: In the top right corner, you see a button with your name in it. Click it and go to Settings. If you have more than one study right, you can browse between them by clicking on the small triangle in the top left corner, next to the name of the active study right. Check the durations of all your study rights.

Detailed information on applying for an extension is available at Kamu.
Note that you need attachments for the application – contact your programme coordinator well in advance.

The list of programme coordinators is available at Kamu too.

Exceptions to Student and Learning Services’ offices’ opening hours

Tulevat poikkeusaukioloajat

Viikoilla 15–16 Opintopalveluiden asiakaspalvelu on auki seuraavalla tavalla:

PuhelinpalveluAsiakaspalvelutiski, JoensuuAsiakaspalvelutiski, Kuopio
Viikko 42

Ajankohtaiset aukioloajat

Opintopalveluiden asiakaspalvelutiski on auki maanantaisin, keskiviikkoisin ja perjantaisin klo 10–15.

Mikäli et pääse asioimaan näinä aukioloaikoina, otathan yhteyttä sähköpostitse tai puhelimitse, jotta voimme sopia tapaamisen muulle ajalle.

Käyntiosoite: Joensuussa Aurora A, 1. krs; Kuopiossa Canthia, 2. krs

Sähköpostiosoite: (Huomaathan, että loma-aikoina vastausajat ovat tavallista pidemmät)

Puhelinnumero: 029 445 8900

Puhelinpalveluaika ma–pe klo 10–15