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Remote access to the MOT Kielipalvelu now with Haka login

  1. Navigate to and click Log in in the top right corner OR navigate to
  2. Choose Itä-Suomen yliopisto from the University or college list and click Haka Login. Log in with your UEF username and password (Haka login).
  3. You can log in again with Haka whenever you need. Your browser will remember your login information until the cache is cleared or the service is updated.

The old email address based authentication method is valid for a time being. When you are connected to UEF’s network, MOT Kielipalvelu is ready for use at without signing up.

Changes in library’s live chat opening hours

Library Bot Uffe has served our customers tirelessly for three months around the clock. We’re glad for the warm reception which can be seen in the significant number of users. Many of you might have noticed, advised by Uffe, that the most common library questions have always been answered on our website.

If you still have something on your mind, Uffe has made it possible to reach out for a customer servant during 9–15. Starting from Wednesday 1.2.2023, the customer servant can be reached one hour later, i.e., 10–16. At other times, Uffe still serves you at the bottom of the library’s website, where you will find a clickable chat icon. You can also send us a message through the bot, which we will respond to by e-mail. Uffe will offer these options if it can’t help you.

Please leave us feedback about the bot!

Study Wellbeing Group in Joensuu starts in February

The Study well-being group is a closed peer support group for the UEF’s students: 

  • who struggle with pursuing their academic goals and 
  • who are open to reflection and solution seeking  
  • who are committed to put effort  
  • and are open to changes necessary to achieve study well-being and overall satisfaction.  

The group is hosted by peer counsellors who are themselves students and researchers but also psychology students. Their role is to guide the participants towards improved study well-being by providing knowledge, encouraging self-reflection, and supporting development of study- and stress-resilience skills. The peer counsellors’ work is supervised by the UEF’s study psychologist.   

Peer support also means that the group draws from the experiences, skills, and insights of all the participants. Maybe You have difficulties with some study-related issues, but surely you mastered some skills or found solutions to some challenges – other participants can get inspired by and follow your example.  

The group is held in English but is open to all UEF’s students (bachelor, master, and doctoral level).

What are we offering in the Study Wellbeing Group?   

  • support from your fellow peers and share your experiences  
  • guidance towards better understanding of yourself in environment conducive to self-reflection in the context your study/ research process 
  • support in discovering your study skills and tapping into them   
  • effective work techniques and develop flexibility to find the optimal ways to study that suit your needs and capacities  
  • stress regulation protocols that support resilience in challenging situations  


Always 12 noon to 2 p.m. on the following dates on campus in Joensuu:

  • Monday Feb 20th
  • Monday Feb 27th
  • Monday March 13th
  • Monday March 20th
  • Tuesday March 28th
  • Monday April 3rd

How to apply?

Apply by filling this form and a peer counsellor will then give you a telephone call to discuss your current situation and your wishes for the group.

For more information, please contact peer counsellors via e-mail at

Student tutors needed for next Autumn semester! Would you like to be a student tutor?

If you study in a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree programme at UEF and you are interested in helping the new students, you can apply as a student tutor.

The student tutor helps the new students to have a smooth start for their studies. All the new students have a student tutor. And each tutor has a group of tutees.

Tutoring offers many opportunities to learn, for exeample to develop your communication and coordinating skills.

The tutors will be trained for the job and they will receive credits and a certificate on tutoring.

The application period has been extended until 19 Feb.

More information:


International Week 23-26 Jan!

International Mobility Services is organizing International Week in January, 23-26 Jan!

During the week, we will have info sessions about student exchange possibilities and applying for exchange. The sessions will be mainly in Finnish, but we encourage our English-speaking students to also attend these sessions and ask questions in English as well! There will also be an info session about student exchange in general entirely in English.

Along with the info sessions, we will also have info desks on both campuses as follows:

Tuesday 24 Jan 12-14 (12 noon – 2 PM)

Joensuu: Carelia lobby
Kuopio: Snellmania lobby

Wednesday 25 Jan 12-14 (12 noon – 2 PM)

Joensuu: Carelia lobby (NB! The info desk will be closed at 1:30 due to the Afternoon Tunes event)
Kuopio: Snellmania lobby

International Mobility Services staff will be available at the info desks and happy to answer your questions about student exchange.

You can find the event calendar and Zoom links to the International Week events on Kamu’s Study Abroad section, on the page Study Abroad events. Welcome along!

The minimum sum for online payment on UEF Primo is now 1 €

You probably knew already that you can pay overdue and reservation fees online on UEF Primo. Until this moment the minimum sum for online payment has been 3,00 €. We have made this easier: from now on, the minimum sum for paying online is 1 € and at the customer service 0,50 €.

Preparing for rotating power outages at UEF Library

Due to energy shortages resulting from the global energy crisis, locally imposed rotating power outages are possible, and they will affect the library services at UEF. The university has prepared practical instructions for power outages, all of which can be found on this website.
Please read the following instructions for library customers:

  • The library services will be unavailable for the duration of the outage.
  • The library premises will remain open with safety precautions accounted for.
  • The library exits will remain open. The door opener buttons, and 24/7 access badges will continue to function.

You can find detailed instructions on the notices on the library’s main doors, and you can ask for more information at the customer service desk.