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IT Servicedesk opening hours during the holidays

Phone service is open:
23.12. at 8-13
26.12. closed
27.12.2022 – 5.1.2023 monday – friday at 9-14
6.1. closed
9.1. normal opening hours

Chat opening hours
23.12. at 9-13
26.12. closed
27.12.2022 – 5.1.2023 monday – friday at 9-14
6.1. closed
9.1. normal opening hours

IT-servicedesk customerpoint

Joensuu and Kuopio
23.12. ja 26.12. closed
27.12.2022 – 5.1.2023 monday – friday at 10-14
6.1. closed

While other service channels are closed, you may use and normally to submit service requests or request tech support.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!

This is how the Guide to information retrieval was created. Use it!

Guide to information retrieval was built in a library’s educational services development project.

With the Guide to Information Retrieval and the library’s other learning materials, along with the library’s teaching and guidance services, the library supports students as they search for information – from the start of their studies to the completion of their theses.

The library’s learning materials package also helps teachers and researchers in teaching, thesis guidance and their own research.

Read more about the project at UEF Library blog.

Take a look a the guide and utilize it.

Winter cycling competition Kilometrikisa 1.1.–28.2.2023

SYKETTÄ Joensuu and Kuopio are again taking part in Winter cycling competition Kilometrikisa which will be held between 1st of January and 28th of February 2023. SYKETTÄ Joensuu and Kuopio have their own teams. All UEF, Karelia UAS and Savonia UAS students and staff members are welcome to attend teams!

Kilometrikisa is a light-hearted cycling competition for workplaces, departments, associations, clubs or any other teams. The aim is to encourage bicycle commuting and promote everyday cycling. In Kilometrikisa every team member will record their cycling kilometers and the team with the highest number of kilometers will win.

You can find city-specific instructions via the links below:

Joensuu team:

Kuopio team:

SYKETTÄ spring season starts with free sports trial!

Photo: Saara Huopalainen

SYKETTÄ Spring season starts with free sports trial in Kuopio and Joensuu on 9.–22.1.2023.

During these weeks you get a chance to enroll for classes and try all of our services for free! To participate in classes and turns in sports calendar on sports afternoon, you don’t have to have a valid SYKETTÄ sticker, but you must be registered as a user and enroll on classes and turns.

Also on 9.–22.1. there will be SYKETTÄ Appro in Kuopio in which the aim is to collect markings from SYKETTÄ sports events on your passport. By returning the passport you get your very own badge equivalent and you can take part in a raffle – the prices are amazing!

The sports calendars are now published! City-specific sports calendars and enrollment schedules can be found on the following websites:



The University of Eastern Finland prepares for rotating power outages

Due to energy shortages resulting from the global energy crisis, locally imposed rotating power outages are possible, and they will affect the staff, students and partners working on the Joensuu and Kuopio Campus of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF).

The university is preparing for possible rotating power outages, also known as rolling blackouts. The university has prepared practical instructions for power outages, which can be found on the university’s website:

Finland’s transmission system operator Fingrid is responsible for electricity distribution throughout the country. For UEF’s campuses, electricity is supplied by the electricity distribution company Caruna in Joensuu, and by Kuopion Sähköverkko Oy in Kuopio. Whenever possible, electricity distribution companies will inform of power outages in advance, and UEF will keep its staff and students informed via email and internal channels (Yammer and Heimo news). Also, the partners working on our campuses will be notified of power outages.

However, also sudden power outages are possible, and their timing or duration cannot be predicted. In these urgent cases, we will inform our community via SMS, emails and other internal channels.

The university does not restrict the use of its facilities during a power outage. Staff and students may continue to work on campus at their own discretion and as possible, while also taking safety considerations into account.

“As things stand, all members of the academic community should act responsibly with regard to using electricity in the university’s facilities. This way, we can influence electricity adequacy and the university’s electricity costs,” Director of Administration Tuomo Meriläinen notes.

The university’s Safety and Security Team will monitor the electricity distribution situation, determining the actions to be taken as needed. Questions relating to rotating power outages can be sent to

For further information, please contact:

Tuomo Meriläinen, Director of Administration, University of Eastern Finland,, +358 40 355 2299

University of Eastern Finland to introduce an internal whistleblowing channel

The European Union has adopted the so-called Whistleblowing Directive, which seeks to ensure that persons discovering suspected breaches of EU law in the course of their work can anonymously report them without fear of retaliation.

In Finland, the Act on the Protection of Persons Reporting Breaches of EU Law is expected to enter into force in early 2023. The Act protects all persons working in the public and private sectors, and it covers breaches related to public procurement, protection of privacy and personal data, and security and information systems.

The University of Eastern Finland will introduce an internal whistleblowing channel once the Act has entered into force. The internal whistleblowing channel is intended for members of the academic community, as well as for stakeholders. A national, centralised whistleblowing channel will operate under the Office of the Chancellor of Justice.

Breaches are reported confidentially via the whistleblowing channel: the identity of the person reporting the breach, the breach itself, and the identity and other personal data of any other people involved in the matter are protected in the channel. Persons reporting breaches will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 7 days, and the measures to be taken must be announced within 3 months. Retaliation against persons reporting breaches is prohibited.

The university’s internal whistleblowing channel will be available in e-Services. For reports from outside the academic community, a link to e-Services will be established via the university’s public website.

The UEF Board discussed the setting up of a whistleblowing channel at its meeting on 14 December 2022.

For further information, please contact:

Petri Rintamäki, Director of Legal Affairs, University of Eastern Finland,

Laura Aivio, Lawyer, University of Eastern Finland,

Helena Eronen, Data Protection Officer, University of Eastern Finland,

Student, find power and purpose for your career and register to career planning and job seeking courses for the spring 2023!

Are you wondering about your future? Where will I find work? How will I be convincing in the job interview? What can I do with my degree? What are my strengths? Am I in the right field? What should I study as a minor subject? What rights and obligations do I have as an employee?

Students pondering about their future directions or seeking traineeships and employment are troubled by many questions. Nevertheless, don’t worry! Practical guidance, knowledge and support is there for you on the career planning and job seeking courses offered by UEF Career Services.

Sign up for the career planning and job seeking courses in the spring starts 12.12.2022. The first courses begin on 9th January 2023. Find the course details in Peppi!

In the Peppi Study Guide you will find further information about the courses. The courses for the academic year 2022–2023 include the following courses in English (and Finnish):

  • Career planning – self-study course, 1 ECTS
  • Career planning – practical exercises, 1 ECTS
  • Job seeking self-study course, 1 ECTS
  • Job seeking – practical exercises, 1 ECTS
  • Basics of Finnish working life self-study course, 1 ECTS (only in English)

The courses offered by the UEF Career Services are meant for all students to support and help them during studies and when the move towards working life becomes timely. The courses offer you knowledge, skills, courage and attitude for the future working life. You may also clarify your thoughts about your future and career possibilities in these courses.

We have received positive feedback about the studies from students. Participants in the career planning self-study course have stated:

  • ”I think the course was good in stirring up thoughts and it helped me analyze my own, sometimes scattered, thoughts about my future career. Although I already had a lot of knowledge about the working life, this course was a good add-on in creating my own career plan.”
  • ”Thanks to the career plan I composed during the course, I now feel more confident about my studies. The course clarified my career aims and I also got a clear picture of what working life skills I already possess and what I should develop further.”

The job-seeking self-study course furnished students with hands-on tools to be used in practice:

  • ”I managed to find new job seeking methods that I can use in the job seeking process. The different channels where jobs can be found were especially useful.”

The basics of Finnish working life self-study course introduces the general outlook of the Finnish working environment with its regulations and habits:

  • “I think this course was good especially for foreign students who would like to find a job from Finland.”

Information about working life and career is collected in the students’ Kamu databank . In Kamu, you will also find other services offered by the Career Services and contact information.

Further information

We can be reached through the email address

Library’s Christmas season opening hours

Joensuu and Kuopio Campus Libraries

Year 2022

Mon–Thu 19.–22.12.2022 8am–3pm (Customer service 10am–3pm)
Fri–Mon 23.–26.12.2022 Closed
Tue–Fri 27.–30.12.2022 8am–3pm (Customer service 10am–3pm)
Sat 31.12.2022 Closed

Year 2023

Mon–Thu 2.–5.1.2023 8am–3pm (Customer service 10am–3pm)
Fri–Sun 6.–8.1.2023 Closed

The 24/7 self-study facilities

The 24/7 self-study facilities of Campus Libraries are open 
during Christmas season. 

KUH Medical Library

Mon–Wed 19.–21.12.2022 10am–3pm
Thu–Sun 22.12.2022–8.1.2023 Closed

The first year with Peppi – how does it feel? Answer the feedback survey by 15 December 2022

In this feedback survey, you will be able to tell from your point of view on Peppi’s deployment process, how Peppi’s use is now going and what development needs you have to Peppi or its related services.

The survey for UEF students (opens in a new tab) is open between 24 November and 15 December 2022.

The operations are developed based on feedback. The development proposals received through the survey will be added to the list of previously received Peppi development proposals and taken forward to the operator developing each detail in the Peppi consortium or to the providers of plug-in services, or included in the services to be developed at the University of Eastern Finland.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Thank you!

PS. If you submit your contact information on the feedback survey or separately (opens in a new tab) you may win a UEF backpack (opens in a new tab) and a Peppi thermos on a draw on 16 December 2022.

PPS. The survey for UEF staff (opens in a new tab) is also open between 24 November and 15 December 2022.

Please send questions and remarks on the feedback survey to peppituki(at)