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Gyms at the University of Eastern Finland will be closed due to the coronavirus situation

Due to the coronavirus situation, the University of Eastern Finland’s gyms in both Joensuu and Kuopio will be closed for the time being, effective from 28 January 2021. The closure also applies to the gyms in the facilities of the teacher training schools.
The re-opening of the gyms will be evaluated when the regional coronavirus situation improves.

Booking of appointments to UEF career counsellors via JobTeaser

Do you need support in decision-making while planning your studies or career, in evaluating different educational or employment opportunities, or in setting personal goals? Would you like feedback for your CV or cover letter? You can book an appointment from a UEF career counsellor for job seeking advice (30 min.) or career counselling (60 min.) from the Appointments section in the JobTeaser portal. Appointments in English are available for UEF master’s degree students and recent graduates.

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Share your views to contribute in an assessment of universities’ administrative autonomy – survey open until 7.2.2021

The Ministry of Education and Culture appointed on June 25th, 2020 a group to conduct an assessment of the status of administrative autonomy and its relationship with the provisions laid down in the Constitution. The assessment will take into account the tripartite university democracy. The group will additionally evaluate the need to specify the legislation regarding the election of the chairperson of the joint multi-member administrative body of a foundation university. A specific assignment is to assess the foundations of the automatic membership of the students in the Student Union in regard to the Constitution.
The assessment group is looking forward to hearing the views of the University community, so this survey is sent out to the students and the personnel of the universities. We hope that you share your views on a couple of questions regarding the administrative autonomy. The survey is open until 7 February 2021.
Thank you for your valuable contribution!

University of Eastern Finland suspends the arrival of international exchange students for the spring semester

Due to the coronavirus situation, the University of Eastern Finland has decided to suspend the arrival of international exchange students from abroad for the duration of the spring semester. The arrival of international exchange students is suspended until 31 July 2021.

The arrival of international exchange students to the University of Eastern Finland was suspended also for the duration of the past autumn semester, but the university was prepared to receive international exchange students for the spring semester. Earlier this year, approximately 160 exchange students from all over the world have arrived in the university’s campuses in Joensuu and Kuopio.

“There is now an increased risk of the coronavirus pandemic accelerating, so we’ve decided to restrict international mobility that is not crucial for the university’s activities. This is our response to mitigating the spread of the new variants and to protecting the health and safety of our staff,” Academic Rector Tapio Määttä says.

The decision to suspend the arrival of international exchange students concerns approximately 30 students who were scheduled to arrive in Joensuu or Kuopio this spring. The university will personally contact all students whom the decision concerns.

For further information, please contact:
Tapio Määttä, Academic Rector,, tel. +358 50 575 1589

Mutated coronavirus variants are more infectious – keep a safe distance of over 2 metres to others

The new, mutated coronavirus variants are more infectious and spread more easily than the earlier variant. This is why the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare now recommends keeping a safe distance of over 2 metres to other people. In addition, close contacts should be reduced still. A face mask should be worn in all public spaces, even when it is possible to keep a safe distance of over 2 metres to others.

In addition to keeping a safe distance to others and getting tested at the first hint of symptoms, it is also important to keep in mind all the other ways of staying safe: maintaining good hand hygiene and proper coughing etiquette, downloading and using the Koronavilkku app, and wearing a mask.

20-person limit on gatherings continues on both campuses until 22 February 2021

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland has continued its order which prohibits, in the municipalities of its area of jurisdiction, all public events and general meetings, both indoors and outdoors, which have more than 20 people attending.
The order is in effect from 23 January 2021 to 22 February 2021 and it is applied to both Joensuu and Kuopio.

In accordance with the Regional State Administrative Agency’s order, all teaching and events on both campuses must be organised so that no more than 20 people at a time are present in the same room.

The University of Eastern Finland follows the orders given by the Regional State Administrative Agency. The Regional State Administrative Agency’s orders on restrictions on gathering are in force for one month at a time.

Student welfare survey

Hi student! How did your studies go during last fall? How have you been? How well have you managed to recover?

The exceptional year of 2020 is now behind us, so we hope you could take a moment to reflect on the past Autumn and answer this questionnaire. We would like to emphasise that the knowledge gained by our study will be utilised in monitoring and improving students’ well-being.

We are investigating the ways in which the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic influences our students’ studies and well-being during the years 2020-21. We are also interested in the stress factors related to the state of emergency, and the resources and means that have helped in coping with the situation.

The first part of this study was conducted in Spring 2020, so, you might have filled in our questionnaire already then. Now, we hope both previous and new participants to join in.

You can take part in the research by responding to our survey.

It will only take about 10 minutes. Every response is important!

And hey, we will raffle 10 iTunes movie vouchers among the participants who leave their contact details! 🙂

Thank you in advance! We wish you a hopefully better New Year 2021!

Professor Markku Niemivirta & the team

UEF calculated its carbon footprint – call for comments on the proposed measures to reduce carbon footprint!

The University of Eastern Finland seeks to become carbon neutral by 2025. In connection with this work, a working group comprising experts from different fields calculated the university’s carbon footprint and proposed measures on how to achieve the carbon neutrality goal.

Now is your turn: get to know the proposed measures and comment on them!

Think about your life on campus: Do you drink your coffee from a paper cup, or do you use your own mug? Do you still print out documents? Do you commute by car or bike, or do you use public transportation? Are there enough waste bins for biodegradable waste?

Give us your best tips on how we can work together to reduce UEF’s carbon footprint.

For to send your comments, please sign in UEF´s Yammer.

Please also read news article in Heimo while signed in.