20519 Induction to doctoral research

Induction to workplace


Induction materials

You can utilise an induction checklist to ensure which practicalities you should cover in your induction with a new supervisee.

If the research includes laboratory work, then issues related to laboratory safety must be covered in the induction.

HR processes

Digital environments and skills

If your supervisee is new to UEF and/or lack necessary digital skills

  • Digistartti offers an introduction to the digital study environments used at the UEF
  • IT-services provide short-term trainings e.g. software usage skills.
Starting doctoral studies

Induction to doctoral studies

Personal study plan

As a (main) supervisor, you should help your supervisee with creating the personal study plan.

  • Personal study plan must be created within three months after receiving the right to study.
  • Requirements of the doctoral programme must be followed when creating the personal study plan.
  • It is advisable to discuss and take into account the supervisee's career goals in creating the personal study plan.
    • Doctoral School offers studies in transferable skills, e.g. in researchers skills, communication skills, and general work-life skills.
    • In addition, it is possible to include (within the frames of doctoral programme) other studies e.g. statistics, university pedagogy, or entrepreneurship.
  • Help with issues related to personal study plan can be obtained from the coordinators and officers of the faculties.

Information channels

Information on issues related to starting doctoral studies can be found in Handbook of Doctoral Education.

If your supervisee has not been studying at the UEF before, the other information channels and systems used at the may also be unfamiliar to him/her.

  • It is recommendable to join Doctoral School Yammer group
  • Most of the doctoral programmes have their own yammer groups, which the supervisee should join in order to stay updated on the topical issues.
Funding of research

Your duty as a supervisor is to help the doctoral researcher in securing funding. Doctoral studies can be funded for example by a scholarship or by working as a researcher in a research project. More information about those as well as funds granted by the Faculties for starting or finishing a dissertation, traveling and printing the dissertation may be found on the page funding options of doctoral studies.


Training on applying research funding

All faculties organise courses for doctoral researchers on applying research funding. Learn more on the topic on the page Other courses and training.